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  • Wow. Where do the bullets go after they ping off those targets? I think knitting is safer all around.

  • I am a little disappointed in the lack of choreography…

  • Is there a youtubevideo of the loading of the dishwasher? Happy Monday to you –

  • Wow. I don’t know what that was, but there sure was some authentic video equipment there. Just goes to show ya that there’s something out there for everyone.

  • Ha, those men. If they’re not playing with a ball, they’re shooting something….
    I betcha we can load our dishwashers (i.e., do work) faster than they can load their guns.

  • “I shot the sheriff, but I didn’t shoot no deputy!”

  • I had a reaction similar to Mary de B. Don’t those bullets ricochet? Can’t somebody lose an eye or something worse in the middle of this situation?

  • So funny!

  • What the HECK was that?

  • Hahahahaha! I don’t even have to watch the video to know what this is!!!! My mom and her boyfriend do this! (Sorry for all the exclamation points, I have a GIGANTIC grin on my face.)
    As for the bullets, I believe they lose a lot of velocity by hitting and then rebounding (those pesky laws of physics). Plus they wouldn’t have a lot of velocity to begin with, since, like good reenactors, they’re probably using replicas.
    Trust me, if this was dangerous, there would not be that large a crowd there *grin*

  • Also, the lighter areas in the targets are where bullets have actually gone through. Many, many bullets.

  • That video reminds me of a family vacation on a dude ranch in Idaho. One day the “activity” was shooting. My sister and I did what that guy in the funny uni did, with various firearms. The cowboys were amazed at our prowess, as we were terrible at everything else dudish. Must have been our “Cold Mountain” heritage.

  • The really pathetic part is that some local TV station sent a photographer to this event to cover all the “action.” *shudders*
    Forget about dishwasher loading — I want some MD Vacuuming and Dusting action!

  • I am downright giggling at the soundtrack here… ping ping ping! 🙂 Y’all are funny.

  • I’m sure the red balloons are TOTALLY authentic.

  • funny interesting, needed a quick brake while blocking a newly finished sweater……….

  • Wow, they are VERY SERIOUS.

  • Well, I think you all probably win the blog prize for “Diametrically Opposed Video Links in Two Adjacent Posts.”
    Lucy Neatby Cast On: quiet, useful and instructive.
    Doc Shapiro Shoot Off: loud, no clear purpose, and destructive.
    Don’t tell Doc Shapiro, but I think I prefer Lucy Neatby! 🙂

  • Hold on, that’s NOT how to do a provisional cast-on?

  • Have yuu ever done a Google search using the Wonder Wheel tool? When you do a Google Search, it’s on the left under more search tools – I like that the Scarlett Empress comes up and have no idea how that relates to you!

  • Fantastic. I used to keep score for similar activities at the NRA range when I was a teenager.
    Oh, the days…