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  • Yum! Lucky Charms are still, after 20 years, my favorite!

  • Get yer shots! Don’t drink the water! That’s the extent of my advice about a vacay somewhere equator-ish. Have fun!

  • O that sounds so wonderful – so very Amelia Peabody-ish – keep your eye out for interesting string bag designs! What are you packing for knitting?

  • Bon voyage!

  • If you’re planning to get in the mood for the trip by watching some adventures-in-the-ruins-of-an-ancient-civilization type movies, Do Not watch the new King Kong–especially not the part about the giant creature with the head like a star-nosed mole’s nose that…nevermind. Don’t drink (or go anywhere near) the water. Bone Voyagee. xo, c.

  • No denim? No intarsia? No felting?? Egads, how will we survive?? Have a good vacation! We promise to empty all the lint out of your washing machine!

  • Have fun! Wear sunscreen!

  • The Yucatan! STONES!
    I am legendary in my love for stones….my in-laws tease me for making them go to ancient irish archeological sites every time we visit them, but hey, its educational and they like it too! Crazy american showing them their own country…..
    The Yucatan has LOTS of ancient stones…see some for ME!!!!

  • Yucatan, totally jealous……stones, history, and really good margaritas!! Enjoy.

  • Ann, if you have the slightest hint of vertigo DO NOT climb the pyramids. Yes, it’s impossibly tempting. You’ll tell yourself, “Imagine the view!” Actually, you don’t want to imagine the view because, before you know it, you’ll imagine yourself falling right into said view. This is not pleasant. And you can not be airlifted down. On that cheery note, have a great trip!

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  • Adios, me amiga.
    ¡La bebida, hace punto, respira y sea feliz!

  • We went all over the Yucutan a few years ago. You have to go to the ruins in Uxmal. Unlike most of the others, they are crowd-free, and that makes them very special. xox,

  • Oh yeah, and when they say don’t drink the water, they mean don’t brush your teeth with it and don’t open your mouth in the shower if you want to escape Montezuma’s Revenge. Just in case, pack cipro. That stuff works wonders.

  • Espero que puedes ver todo lo que quieres y que los ninos porten bien. No se como decir “knitting” en espanol, pero tambien espero que tienes suficiente tiempo para hacer to arte!
    Buen viaje!

  • …”tasty thing known as Time to Myself has evaporated…” I used to have that…I remember it well, how sweet it was… now it is always late at night when the rest of the world sleeps, I can knit.
    hope you had fun!

  • love the snack–I mean Snack–entry. Lucky Charms would make good “treats.” I mean, come on, double the marshmallows, triple the sugar.