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  • Yes Julia, arm the needles once more.

    On a side note, Ann, that totally looks like a more colourful tudor ruff…

  • Julia,
    Would be wonderful if you picked up or improved your knitting again. I try to get most people I know to knit or resume knitting. My husband hasn’t taken me up on it, but I’m sure he would love it if he did. You are so right about the calming benefits of the art of knitting. And Mason Dixon has 2 wonderful books to get you started, both great for the novice or more experienced knitter. I encourage and and look forward to reading your response to Kay and Ann’s letter.
    Tracy Hurd

  • I am glad you adapted this pattern with more pointy bits. It looks fabulous enough to make me want to knit a pattern I would never otherwise have considered.

  • Hahahaha! You crack me up so early in the morning! I would never be able to rip that back to the point where I went wrong and then be able find my place in the directions. God love you for tackling such complicated pieces. Mitered Squares Forever!

  • That scarf is spectacular! I love the modern-Tudor vibe. And I’ve quit knitting at least three times…only to return. I can’t help it. (My husband says I sound like an addict).

  • I was once told in a class by a quilting teacher that “There are no mistakes; there are design opportunities.”
    Your re-designed Kieran Foley Kerchief shawl is lovely!

  • It’s a design element!

  • I love that scarf! It looks pleated, and the blocking job was masterful!

    • It truly was. Wow.

  • I think that needs be photoshopped onto some Holbein portrait.

  • I didn’t become a knitter until my mid-40’s. Now that it’s found me, I will never let it go. We won’t even take a break.

    I believe in that 7-degrees of separation thing, so you know word is going to reach Julia about your post!

    • I also started knitting in my mid-40s, and haven’t stopped since…and don’t ever expect to! I’m now more likely to knit than read, which as a compulsive reader is something I never thought would happen. (I still like reading. I just don’t read as much.)

  • I took several breaks from knitting before it just became part of my daily life. I’m sure she’ll come back to it, especially since she publicly voiced a desire to! And, of course, were always recruiting new members to the knitting community!!!

  • I love the extra pointy bits. It recalls Ye Olde Elizabethan Collar.

  • You can see Julia knitting in Enough Said (2013). Only briefly, but the movie is worth seeing anyway.

  • The scarf looks perfect on you. Just the right colors and design. Your extra points are just a design detail.

  • Your Keiran Foley is fabulous! I think it actually gains from the mistake you made adding all those ruffles. Better you than me to knit that long a row but it looks completely fabu.

    I have been knitting non-stop since 1969 when my mother taught me to knit over spring vacation and I needed something to do in the car. I was in the third grade. I now crochet as well. Compulsive handwork is good for you. It has done more for my peace of my mind than Paxil ever did, and I can stay awake, tool

  • Just the Right Number of Points — it’s gorgeous!!

  • Dear Julia – I too had a dry spell. Sadly, it lasted over 20 years. Today, at 65 years old, I knit nearly every waking hour in a furious attempt to make up for those lost years. This compulsion has reached the point that my granddaughter asked why I wasn’t knitting when we sat down for a family meal. I dropped my fork and left the table immediately after that admonishment.

    Learn from my mistake, Julia. Knit now while you are still young enough to reap the scientifically proven benefits of the art. It’s too late for me, but there is still time for you.

    All the best-

    • Norma, it’s never too late
      We can still benefit, even in our 60’s

  • I am also a quitter, many many times. But always come back, either by wandering in to a yarn store, or having a relative bemoan no more hand knit socks.
    So Julia, please come back to the dark side. We have beautiful yarn, pointier needles, and a marvelous group of people willing to enable…er …help.

  • Rembrandt will be calling.

    ???? ???? ????

  • It ebbs, it flows. I’ve been on an ebb, but hoping to get back in the flow. Also – I think the word you’re looking for with respect to your unintentional modification is “enhancement”.

  • I love that piece! Extra pointy bits and all, it is beautiful, if you ever get tired of it send it my way!

  • The urge to pretend to be Julia Louis-Dreyfus in a comment is powerful. I shall resist. 😀

  • I always think my own thoughts are original and am always pleased, (and sometime surprised), when they coincide with another’s.

    My first thought when I saw your kerchief was, “Wow, an Elizabethan ruff!” Then speed reading through the comments, (a honed gift from law school), I saw that at least two other comments had the same response. Amazing! It is beautiful.

    I do not know Julia, (and would love to), but am certain she is going to hear about your post!

    • Mary, is that you, the sister of John and alum of Marquette? And now I learn you’re also a knitter! I am currently a knitting obsessive here in Oak Park. How have you been? Can I be in touch through Ravelry? I’m halvorgal. Hope to hear back from you.

  • Ann, I just skimmed Ruth Goodman’s “How To Be a Tudor: A Dawn-to-Dusk Guide to Tudor Life” and here’s a bit of unexpected good news for you this morning: you are SO LUCKY you don’t have to press the folds on that ruff!

  • Extra points for extra point!

  • “s”

  • I have a screen shot of her knitting in a film or tv show, I cannot recall which: http://tinypic.com/r/2zp49yc/9

  • Julia,
    I took a 4-5 year break (and recently found a lovely half finished scarf I had completely forgotten about). I am back working on a summer scarf (won’t say where that idea came from). Come back to us! Resistance is futile.

  • Ann: The shawl is gorgeous! How much catnip did you need to convince Kermit to leave it alone long enough for photos of it to be taken???

    Julia: This Kermit is a cat. He has exquisite taste. He is one of the M-D Knitter Critters who can help you get back to the joys of knitting! He can tell you which yarns and/or projects make for comfy naps. (There’s another kitty and a doggie, too, but the doggie’s temporarily buried under Molly Ringwald’s wardrobe from the ’80s…)

  • It looks very Vermeer-meets-Issey-Miyake. Blocking goals.

  • wow. You’ll win the Most-Bind-Offs-In-The-Smallest-Circumference award for sure, this year. Very festive.

  • Dear Julia,
    I am assuming your career and commitments involve substantial airplane travel. Airplanes = knitting. Come back.

  • Great post. Yes, world peace achieved via knitting. Love that concept!!

    Also love your comment about ‘totally wrong’. ha ha How can that be when the results are so beautiful?

  • Ann – When are you going to write another book? I am waiting!!!

    • When I read Julia’s comment in the Times, my first thought was “wow, Kay is nearby! Get thee to Knitty City before you leave New York and arrange a meeting!”

      The cowl, collar, ruff ?? looks fabulous, and I agree with Gale about the award.

  • oops…didn’t really mean that to be in reply to Laura…although I too am waiting.

  • you should say Julia could wear it to FESTIVUS”!!!!!
    Please Julia….come back to knitting…..

  • Related to an earlier post– Crapbox has become a Thing in our house, albeit in a different format. Our 13-year-old daughter shares her room with our toddler son, and she does tend to accrue a lot of stuff. Every now and again my tidiness and attempts at minimalism rub off on her, but she’s very much her father’s daughter, and my husband is kind of a maximalist. Anyway, she is never without a pile of things in progress (including knitting) next to her bed, so I bought her a cute box to put it all in to corral it so that I don’t go crazy looking at it all. So, the other day I was asking her to get her sheet music folder out, and she asked if I knew where it was. And I said, “I’m pretty sure I saw it in your–” —and she interrupted, raised one eyebrow, and said, “crapbox?” Much laughter ensued. 🙂

    • “Maximalist” – love it! I’ll have to remember that one.

  • Reading through them comments, hoping to find one from J.L.-D. …….
    I would just love to see her return to knitting here!
    I was once a lapsed knitter too. A sweet friend took my hand and walked me through the three knitting skills of which I was most terrified, and I have never looked back.
    I’m so thankful for knitting friends and people like you who explain things that are easy for you, but look impossible to the uninitiated

  • Pointy bits are The Best.

  • Woohoo, that’s a lot of pointy bits! You wear them well.