An Excellent 4-Hour Hat

By Kay Gardiner
November 7, 2019

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  • I have equal appreciation for the quick & satisfying knit, and the vocab ❤️❤️ ‘millinery heft.’

  • Can you give me the info on the blank you show in the picture for the sock….color and where to purchase?

    • It’s from the Knitting Garage in Rhinebeck, New York. No color on the label, just “dyed by Leah.”

  • Wonderful colors! In fact I bought 7 different ones and am having the most productive evenings watching the telly/tv/idiot box.
    4days=3hats+1short cowl. And I agree, the top of the hat is generous in the larger size so decreasing rows sooner seems okay. For the 2 child+toddler – I have knit as written, small heads=growing heads?
    Thus, 2-3-4 to go, gosh, I may need to buy more.

  • I would also like to know about that sock blank!

    • See above!

  • The hat looks so much better on than off. This is making me rethink my previous stance on bulky hats. Maybe I will need to…join a team…a knitting team…

    • I’ve decided the only hat for me is a bulky hat. I have a very un-hatty head in general but this one looks fine.

    • Good luck finding a knitting team, Amber. 😉

  • Great hat! I think I might like a bulky hat too!
    Kay, what brand (size?) are your needles for your socks?

  • That hat is a great fit without the 5 xtra rounds! One more sleep and you’ll be MC of your own team Kay;) Field Guide No 13!
    Yay!!! Can’t wait

  • Need a quick hat pattern, because I’m a slow knitter. Thanks

  • I love this hat! I think I might make some for my grandsons and two of their friends they play ice hockey with. The team colors are blue and white, so I’ll let that guide me. Now, off to get the yarn!

  • i do love your posts. thanks for sharing the hat!

  • Hi my is Terry an it’s my first time kintting an I love it so far

  • Love the hat. Don’t know if I am brave enough to try the pattern yet. I haven’t tried any thing with a pattern yet.

  • Cute hat and I have not knit in two strands before! My head is 23 inch circumference, this hat looks like it may be for me!

  • Hi!
    I made this hat for a friend who is going through cancer treatment, and I am
    In agreement—it could be a fine thing with fewer rows. It’s quite like a chef’s toque at the full adult size. Nevertheless, I persisted, and we both thought it was very jolly with its blue ground and lavender blobs. She’s a sport!

    • Hello Kay,
      As we come towards the gift giving season…. I woke up with the intention of making a 4 hour hat and then I see your post! This is like a knitters telepathy and thank you for sharing this lovely knit and adding so much joy!
      ❤️Kesang Namgyal