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  • Watching you do this is almost making almost ready to crack open the Bohus Apple Yoke I received as a gift (and am terrified is already eaten by moths, despite my careful packaging). In the ziploc bag – and my mind – it’s going to be the most beautiful sweater, so why ruin the illusion by actually knitting it? Maybe by the time you finish up the body I will be ready. It’s definitely encouraging, thanks!

  • That’s going to be such a gorgeous sweater! I’m intrigued by how the colors play off of one another. Must make the knitting interesting to see them develop. Can’t believe how far you’ve already gotten!

  • So instead of #bangoutasweater is the hashtag for Kaffee v. Alice #bangyourheadsweater? Or #typetwoknitting? (Like Type Two Fun).

  • I wish I had the skills for the Foolish Virgins Sweater. How beautiful, odd but lovely.

  • I see what you did there…”color shifty batches”…..
    Looks great!

  • I so love when you take on Alice Starmore, or Kay takes on Kaffe, or any of the wild and hard knits. So inspiring! I have to peruse the Alice Starmore website more now….

  • MAGICAL. That is all. 🙂

  • High-wire knitting. Fascinating, scary, you-must-be-crazy. I can’t look away!

  • Wow!

  • Gorgeous!

    Do you have an Ottlite? I bought mine at Big Lots.

  • I have fallen down the rabbit hole! I have been seriously knitting for over 40 years and have wanted to try a Kaffe kit or sometging like it for many of those years. I have a ton of his books, in addition to Starmore books and many others, but have only done a few of their single color designs. I just ordered the cardigan version of your sweater. I have done some fairisle but not on size 3 needles. Wish me luck! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Oh Ann! Look what you’ve done! (It’s wonderful.) Good luck, Marcy, and have fun.

  • This book was a fun read- All about a year to knit a classic Alice Starmore sweater:

    How do you both finish such daring projects?

  • Mountain hare is complex color, maybe named for the color of the flesh of a mountain hare? Imagine it roasting on a spit over the fire…

  • The colors are amazing and how they work up together, just astounding! So gorgeous, and oh so daring of a project!!!!

  • Thanks to you and Kay, I’m obsessing greatly over the “Tudor Roses” book. So much so that I’m going to break down get the book. And then I’m going to rewatch “The Tudors” and knit away.

    *shakes my tiny fist of rage at you both*
    *but not really mad*

  • Lucy Neatby throws me done the same rabbit hole.

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  • Wow, just, wow.

  • beautiful, can’t wait to see the finished project.

  • I actually love the colors that I see in the close up photo of the Mountain Hare! Your knitting is beautiful. I am looking forward to watching the sweater evolve!

  • The finest of tapestries. Luxurious.