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  • Just who are these very Cute! Boys! Knitting??? 🙂

  • I’ll never tell.
    (Ah, yes, I will. They are brothers, the nephews of my bestest pal from college. One is a writer and one is in the movie business. As my sister-in-law kept exclaiming throughout the weekend: WHAT. NICE. BOYS! And when you refer to 20-somethings as boys, well. Definitely Past It, check for a pulse. We are at the stage of wondering how to bring up such men, not date them.) xox Kay

  • See, guys in their twenties that knit?
    Very very cute. Could also be described as ‘hot’. Confirmed by most 20-something females! (Well, the ones that I polled, anyway.) Incentive to knit, gentlemen!

  • Frankly Kay, those Cute! Boys! Knitting! are even better than a mojito. I can see the layout folks at Rowan stumbling onto this site and saying to themselves “Dang! Get me some of those for the next R2 photo shoot!”
    P.S. — Well, they probably wouldn’t actually say “dang” over in Holmfirth, but here at Chez Evelyn & Da Boyz we signed a contract with our puritanical 9 year old that he may use curse words if the grown-ups do, but (i) only as frequently, and (ii) not to be used after one hour from the initial curse utterance (never too young to learn the value of provisos, is what I say)…

  • The boys are indeed v. cute. However, at my stage in life (I’m 22 myself), I’m more interested in a boy on a motorcyle than a boy knitting baby booties 😉

  • Yea yea the boys are cute but that Rowan Handknit Cotton DK afghan makes me want to go out and buy some green Rowan.
    Was there more than one Kathleen from Long Island? If it is me–thank you. 🙂

  • Golly, I may even go and buy some Handknit DK, that blanket so delights me! (As do the fellas, of course. Are they working on your summer knitting?) And if I make a potential journey to W.Va. to meet a friend’s new baby, I’ll save a square to send. But surely you can recruit one from Nebraska (if indeed it’s one of those middle blocks)?

  • My father-in-law lives in Vermont; does it “count” if he mails a square which was knit in Virginia?
    And what’s with the entire mid-section of the US? Like a big ol’ white stripe there.
    Hubby’s driving to PA next month, and will be driving (briefly…not that there’s any other way) through Delaware. Maybe I can convince him to look for a post office?

  • Golly, I like that dishcloth afghan! I bought a couple balls at the local Wal-mart while I was visiting my mom down south last month. I feel a need to get knitting for the afghans–my two square contribution is really lame compared to what others are doing!
    PS–Cute boys! Knitting! I think I’m swooning… Wait. I’m married…shoot.

  • Wow! I just love seeing the afghan squares laid out ready of stitching. They just look so vibrant.

  • Hi Kay,
    is it just me or are the two young gentlemen knitting Psycho-Squares? Still, teaching others a craft is a very good way to check up on one’s own understanding of it.

  • In my laziness of laziness, I, a resident of Vermont, have a square for the Afghanalong that I knit at the end of March and have been wanting to send. Following the “If I say it out loud (or write it publicly) then I will get off my butt and follow through” philosophy, I will send you my square tomorrow. (I already have the address.) And then we can fill Vermont in on the states map!

  • The kids and I just found the perfect playground on a beach in York, Maine – a short 70 minute drive from us in Massachusetts. To get there, we must pay to go through New Hampshire. I figure if I have to pay to enter a state and mail a square from there, that counts, yes?

  • first, and most importantly, hurrah for kathleen!… it’s spine-tingling to be a winner….and secondly, the afghan layouts/mock-ups are a breath of fresh oxygen, color splash, and all good things…..and thirdly, those “psycho squares” are dazzling…. hey,… they’d even make good ole jazzy coasters…..XXX

  • Well now, I’m not 22 (sadly !) but like Krista Jo I could go for a boy on a motorcyle but who could knit baby booties at the SAME TIME ! I just love a man who can multi-task ….. I can dream can’t I ??
    Lovely laying out ladies. Hope the sewing up is as much fun (!)

  • The afghans are looking great!
    When is the last month we can send squares in? If you’re still taking them in July, I’ll be sure to send mine to you while I’m visiting my family in Arizona. I need to try and get my hometown state lit up!

  • I myself am currently finishing Martini in Cotton Braid…question for the ages, did I need the poncho, or was it the name that made me knit it!?

  • Those boys are barely managing to hold your needles, but they are indeed cute! Love those afghans! Putting the squares together is a real talent. Are you going to be doing a denim-y one? I’m hoping to have some leftovers from one of my projects.

  • Wow…You two are ALL OVER THE MAP! Woo hooo!
    The Cotton Braid is particularly delicious-looking. I wonder if they have some in a shade called “Pina Colada”…

  • ooh, v. cute boys. as a 25 year old, I will say, loudly, YUM. but don’t worry, I’m in Georgia, so I won’t corrupt them with my crazy knitting.
    Yay for Afghans! You are doing a mahvelous job…the Cotton Braid is making me swoon (or is it the boys?) I must send more squares!

  • Yes, they are very cute boys, but I must say, BOOBYLICIOUS!? I LOVED that! I think you may have added a word to my vocabulary. We’ll run it by the husband and see what he thinks….

  • 6 and a HALF boobylicious halter tops??

  • I can certainly take care of South Carolina, come August. Very concerned about the Mississippi and Kentucky situation. And Lord knows what we’re going to do about West Virginia. Does anybody know ANYbody who lives in West Virginia? Helloooooo West Virginia?
    Kay, that stack of states in the midwest is your turf. Surely there’s a need for Cotton Braid out there that hasn’t been met.
    LET FLY, everybody! We have nothing to fear but, um, the occasional dropped stitch . . .

  • so is that half of a boobyliscious top for an amazon?
    Sorry couldnt resist. I really should send my squares. They were knit in France but will be sent from Italy (should I ever figure out the hours the Poste is open- a lot harder than it sounds).
    Oh yes and the boys, 20 something here confirms Cute boys 🙂