A Tidy Giftalong Haul

By Kay Gardiner
December 19, 2019

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  • This is the first time I’ve seen Lorilee Beltman’s kitchener stitch video. It’s a game changer!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Your blankets and scarf are beautiful treasures the recipients will love!

  • I love them all but that log cabin blanket is catching hold of my heart!!

  • There should be a plaque with Lorilee’s name on it in the Cooperstown of knitters–and teachers. I watched this video one time and I’ve got it. Bravo, Lorilee. (And on a completely different subject, did a little sparrow tell you it was Edtih Piaf’s BD today? Pas de regrets!)

    • That’s amazing! The little sparrow was in my pensées!

  • All three of these are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Love both the blankies, and that scarf is to die for!!!!! Incredible work of art!!!

  • Thank you for saying it is ok to give a gift with the needles still in. The year I gave sweaters to my entire family, I hadn’t even started my dad’s by the big day. So I wrapped up needles and yarn and labeled it Some Assembly Required. Ever after, he referred to it as his someassemblyrequired sweater.

    • I love this idea. In a similar vein, I haven’t started the shawl I’m making for my mum yet. So I’m giving her a shawl pin ready for when it is!

      • You get points for resourcefulness, Ruth!

  • I adore that Log Cabin Baby Blanket!!! I got out my Log Cabin Field Guide and am marking the page for the next time I ‘need’ a baby blanket for a friend. What a great idea!

    • I used to make these log cabins for babies all the time, and then I didn’t have any babies for a while, and now I just want to make a half dozen of them. So fun to play with color and placement and just go round and round in garter stitch.

  • I am quite new to knitting, but I’m glad to have found you- your offerings are inspiring!! BTW, what does “FO” stand for?

    • Welcome, Kelley!

      Sorry to have used jargon. FO means Finished Object. UFO means unfinished object. Guess which I have more of right now?

      Another good one to know is WIP–work in progress. A more optimistic slant on UFO…

  • I love the finish kitchener gives, and it’s not difficult to do. Woe betide me if i lose my place, though.

    I just tried steam blocking for the first time, because packages have to get mailed and it’s raining and cold here. But i am not a convert. It’s better than no blocking but it just doesn’t seem to plump up the stitches, as you say.

    Love your finished knits. That scarf is so fun!

    • Annie,

      Good for you. You did what had to be done! Salute!

  • ‘Tis a lovely pile of knitterly Xmas goods. Speaking of such goods, my much desired and finally ordered Julia Hilbrandt Knitter’s Tote arrived today. It’s a gray beauty. What great craftswomanship.I love it so much I might have to sleep with it tonight!

    • A knitter after my own heart, you made me laugh out loud.

    • You wouldn’t be the first, Marilyn. So glad you like it. Made to last, just like us.

  • Babies, blankets! Yay! So grateful to a couple of my acquaintance for their new wee one for whom I may now knit your Moderne blankie. I have been in love with that thing for quite awhile. They picked out the colors and I just cannot wait. Love love love your blankets and throws.

  • Babies and love of my life scarf. This is very sweet knitting.

    The funny thing is that when you spoke about three needle bind off on one end and Kitchener on the other end I was thinking a provisional cast on would be great. The next sentence I read was the one about next time making a provisional cast on! I must remember to read things through before thinking. 😉

  • All are just perfect!! Would you mind sharing the color number for the Zauber Cotton? I’d love to make the Log Cabin blanket for my first and second grandsons, one born 11/1/19 the other due 2/27/20.

  • It’s always wonderful when a special thing knitted for an unknown Special Person finds its home 🙂 Just today I sent a lacework neckershawl home and I’m so glad I had tucked it away! Now I’m working my way toward a blanket project, with much consultation and discussion – the pattern has been chosen, and now we are on to deciding the weight of the yarn to use. I am having Big Fun 🙂

  • Blankets look great! To photograph mine I’ve put them on a bed and climbed up on a ladder…