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  • WOW. She is inspired and she inspires me on this grey and foggy day out on the left coast. Thanks for this “morning devotion”.
    Sighs all round for the deep creativity that is within…………..

  • Makes me want to sit down and sob. And then head to the basment to rip through the stash. Hurry, hurry, so I can get all of this stuff made before it’s too late! To anyone who has the audacity to say they’re bored (and don’t they drive you nuts?): Look to the Nona! Look to the Kay and Ann!
    Aren’t knitters just the greatest thing ever???

  • Wow, wow and wow! So wonderful and cool. I will come back to this blog often. Thanks for the look, Kay.

  • That is very impressive! It definitely gives new meaning to swatches, but when does she have time to work on full sized projects? I think the swatches would cause ideas to multiply in my head at an exponential rate, resulting in an eventual breakdown.

  • Ooohhh. Short rows, and bobbles and jaggediness in a log cabin square… Very cool.
    I love the embezzling woman story, too!

  • Wow. just wow.

  • Her Log Cabin gives me shivers. That lady can short row like a pro. And does she swatch, she puts the rest of us to shame. I have already nominated her Patron Saint of Swatching, so don’t worry, it’s in the works. Can you just imagine: the Yarn Grotto, the needle shard relics, and the miracles?

  • The short rowing, it breaks the grid so wonderfully. I love that broken grid.

  • i can’t handle it.
    it looks like she made it up–as in faked it!
    it’s not really a handknit. ;o)
    she’s making the rest of us absolutely GREEN with envy and jealous and yes, this reflects absolutely badly on my character!
    here’s to another project to shop for at STITCHES WEST!!! :o)
    will either of you guys be there??? one can hope and dream…

  • Nah nah ninah nah I met Nona! (Sung in my most obnoxious 5th grade voice.)

  • WOW- those log cabin/freeform swatches! Who’d have thunk?!

  • Nona is always inspirational — I love the swatch-a-day project because it encourages (and rightly so) acceptance of the swatch as a cool piece of knitting in and of itself.

  • Oh my. Wow. and WOW. My mind is racing. My fingers are itching. My deadlines are mocking me… Oh my. Thanks for showing us Nona!

  • Wow.Speechless.Here. And I thought I was fab because I figured out a buttonhole band????
    Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the swatch will turn into the most chic of blankets that I must knit.

  • Wow, sort of Gee’s Bendish. Cool.

  • Kay — you, Ann, and your fabulous book bring out the best in all of us. Your creativity, sense of humor, and can-do attitude are truely inspiring. Thank you!

  • See what you started?

  • Wow……I…….am…….not……..worthy.
    Thank goodness Westminster is on–with all the pedigree ads about abandoned dogs, I share my love with an adopted one.
    Makes me feel better to talk about something other than Nona’s way cool knitting.

  • Kay – it was great to meet you today. Thanks again for taking the time to talk with me!
    cheers, Charis

  • Mercy…can I be her when I grow up?

  • Wow, thanks for pointing me to her blog. Inspiring.
    I just posted something on mine that I thought I would try to get your help with, since you two are also mothers. I’m fairly new to the blogging world, but am trying to get just a few people to knit some hats for one of my son’s preschool classmates who was just diagnosed with leukemia. It’s Random Acts of Kindness Week (seriously, it is) so I thought this might be appropriate. TIA for any help you can give.