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  • Just as another little bit of info for ya’ll wondering about Kay’s vacationing/eating habits of the week. If I remember correctly, she said she was debating between two goals for her trip.
    Goal A: Gain no wait, but still be able to eat whatever she desired
    Goal B: Eat as much as she wanted, and try to keep the weight gain under 10 lbs.
    I haven’t decided which goal I believe will be achieved, but when she comes back I’m sure she’ll get plenty of exercise trying to chase me around in an attempt at revenge for the two posts I’ve made at her expense.
    Once again, sorry Auntie Kay

  • Hi Kay, hope that you are having a lovely time.
    Hi Kristin, more dirt on Kay please… might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb 🙂

  • Oh Kristin !
    You are going to be in deep trouble…
    May have to learn to knit as pennance !
    Kay,sweatheart ,EAT.Italian food is good for you. :0)