Knit to This: A Gift to the World

By Ann Shayne
December 28, 2019

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  • Amazing video, certainly it will be on my mind

    • Fascinating! Should be mandated viewing in all schools and shown on Netflix. I order garden seeds from Heritage Seeds in Manitoba, Canada. My variety will be bigger this year.

  • Amazing. I have heard about the Heritage seeds organization, but this is a gift to furure generations of all nations. It should be shared.

    • Gee, I must be in a deep freeze of my own because this is the first time but I’m hearing of this wonderful project. Thanks for bringing it to us, Ann.

  • Thank you so much for sharing. This was very eye opening and plan to share with others.

  • To Ann, Kay, the contributors, and people whose names we don’t know but who make this site and the content possible,

    I just wanted to send a note about how grateful I am for Mason-Dixon in my life….You direct me to thought provoking (like this one) and entertaining films and books and fill my life with colour and inspiration…genuine inspiration. There are colour combinations that if you described them with words I would have said ‘blech!’ but when I see them, I say ‘omg that is brilliant!’ You’ve pushed me to finally try knitting socks…and I’m on my second pair…and you make me slow down and make good choices in life. That’s the most important. From the time I bought your first book, who knows how long ago that was, until now, I realize you’ve been a quiet and most eloquent guide to helping me find me. Thank you. May 2020 bring you what you need.

    An admirer

    • Ditto

    • Agreed, I’m new to this MDK but recognize the sincerity and quality of the message. I love this connection, mahalo from the Big Island! And much aloha…

    • I agree. I look forward to every Saturday morning.

    • Sonya, you put into beautiful words what I have felt since I connected with MDK. Thank you Sonya and thank you MDK.

  • Very moving and touched my heart this Saturday morning. Yes, we need to publicize and show this movie and make accessible to others for opportunities to give and support in 2020!

  • Thank you so very much for connecting us all to this vital and beyond important cause and organization. I have been keeping an eye on the diminishing seed diversity through the global actions taken to fight Monsanto. Equally, the same but a little different— As a knitter and spinner I have been connected with farms and farmers who raise sheep for us to have wool for our yarn and fiber making crafts. These farmers are also feeling the challenges of farming with the changes in climate. Sadly, these challenges will continue to grow as we head into the next decade. It is important to find ways that we can support them. Thanks again for sharing the video for the Crop Trust Fund!!! Hugs from Oregon.

  • Thought provoking. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • These people give me hope it what is at times a very dark world.

  • Dear Ann.
    Thanks for sharing. Big hope for all of us. There are still wonderful selfless people in this world . Amazing.
    Greetings from Pakistan.

  • I’d heard of seed vaults before, but hadn’t heard of this one. So fascinating!

  • Thank you so much for sharing this. I had heard of this work, but never seen this documentary before. This will be one of the places for my end of year donations. It seems our future health and well-being depends on it. Thanks again!

  • I have been fascinated by the Svalbard Seed Vault since first reading about it about the time it opened. A simple yet genius idea. It’s like safe deposit boxes where global seed banks can deposit and safeguard their own seeds. A great backup for those banks which are destroyed by fire or accident, lack of funding, natural and catastrophic disasters, climate change, or other such tragedies occur. No genetically modified seeds are allowed. Thank you for sharing this.

    On a similar note, I loved Richard Powers Pulitzer Prize winning novel The Overstory. It’s epic fiction with a serious message that the forests must be preserved. Trees communicate with each other!

  • I love Ice Cake and highly recommend Dersu Uzala if someone can find it to see. Filmed in 1975, set in Siberia. What better setting for a snow film?

  • I’ve heard of this bunker before, back during the Cold War, and it fell out of my awareness. Thank you, thank you for sharing this informative film. Every human being should be required to watch this.

  • Wow powerful…scary

  • Thank you for sharing this very interesting film. I’ve reserved a book and documentary from the library and want to learn more. Happy NewYear to all. Joanne

  • amazing! thanks for sharing.