With airy designs by Jeanette Sloan, Field Guide No. 15 celebrates open hearts, open minds, and the open stitches of modern lace knitting.

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  • Happy New Year, Kay:).

  • Wow, gorgeous job Kathryn!

  • G’mar hatimah tovah!

  • Happy New Year, Kay! My little congregation managed to hold services outside in a pavilion and online. But I too had a knitting fix — Solene Le Roux held a 5-day virtual retreat which began on Thursday and ended yesterday (skipped the weekend). So I have begun the year with a FINISHED project, my first hat. (I’ve made two others but they don’t count, one was too large and frogged and the other was so unattractive in the end that it awaits frogging too.)
    How is it that I didn’t know about that wonderful yarn shop that is only an hour away?! Such an enabler you are, and I am grateful for it!

  • Shana tova to all who celebrate!
    Stockbridge is not that far from me.
    New year, new yarn shop to visit!

  • Happy New Year! I loved your post….so many fun things to see!….and you capped it off beautifully with Kathryn’s photographs.
    Stay safe! We all love you both!

  • שנה תובה
    Though as I listen to the news I just despair. What we wonderful anecdote to the Friday night.

    Found yarn in stash for Mood … my Field Guide arrived, next project. Love me some lace.

  • I hope 5781 is SO MUCH BETTER than 5780! Thank you for the virtual sheep and ferry break. I really needed it. (We streamed services, complete with my twins’ lego minyan and dancing in the living room and then picked apples at a neighbour’s tree. When we didn’t like the tunes, we chose our own, like Dumbledore. It was a rocking holiday with nine year olds…) G’mar Chatimah Tovah!

    • Lego minyan! I love it!

      • I should clarify— My twins would like you to know that the minyan started back in March with lockdown and this was a full fledged congregation with 56 (!) members. (Oops, my bad!) There was some anxiety because apparently the shark does not have a kippah or hat. We reassured kid that no worries, it is only a custom and sharks are exempt!

  • What a gorgeous day! Glad you got out and about. But especially wanted to agree about the joy and inspiration that Kathryn brings in IG. Yes

  • Just the story I needed this morning. Thanks for taking me somewhere I probably will never visit and letting me meet your ram. Seeing all these iterations of the Mood Cardigan is making it very difficult for me to not make it! It looks good worn either way, in whatever yarn, on whomever is wearing it.

  • Thank you for the New year wishes. Here’s hoping the next year is better than the past one. I am having knee replacement surgery next week and that, combined with the passing of Justice Ginsberg has really put me in a funk. I find comfort in your Daily Respite messages and look forward to them. Thank you and L’Shannah Tovah to you as well.

    • Good luck with your surgery. I had both my knees replaced last year. It has been life changing. My advice is do everything your PT tells you.

      • Thank you, I promise I will.

  • Shana tovah to all (whether you celebrate or not, please accept good wishes!) – and mazel tov to Kathryn for inspiring us all – beautiful work!

  • You did not mention the breed of sheep or the size of the flock – please share.

  • What a lovely Day Away you have given us, Kay. Ram, yarn shop, the outdoors! Now I know what my imaginary YSL needs – a name with a Latin-language lilt. Will have to visit Prado de Lana’s website. And (again!) you have read my mind. I have long we’reTalking years) been planning a stockinette-and-lace project marling two yarns in my stash that accidentally rolled together one day and immediately looked like a team. Now, you want me to divert them into brioche??

  • That was “… (we’re talking years)”. I hate it when I do that.

  • Shana Tova indeed…
    Very inspiring: We need a new year!
    I will celebrate alongside you in honor of new beginnings.

    What a great day trip


  • I have been to this little shop and purchased some beautiful wool in colors I can only describe as sunshine and summer forest! Thanks for posting this!

  • Babushka of valor. Such a phrase. Just love that.

  • Lshana Tovah! There’s nothing like a sheep farm visit and a ferry ride to lift the spirits, you’re singing my song. Xox