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  • If the World Financial Center had more knitters, it is entirely possible that the current mess would not be so bad. Just a thought.

  • BOOOOOOOoooooooooo! Go Sawx!!

  • Kay, as I have learned here in Boston “it ain’t over ,till it’s over”….can you believe last night? Wow….it was a thrill, but not the same thrill as when we play your guys. Nothing beats a Sox/Yankee game….there’s always next year!

  • I have NO IDEA what you’re on about, but I’m guessing it might be something to do with that game you play over there which is a bit like that girly-kiddie game we play here called rounders? Before we graduate onto proper, grown-up games like hockey and football? (hahahahaha) x x x
    ps – if Ann is in NY is she in our suite, and is she enjoying it?

  • My husband (a Mass. native) couldn’t stay up for the finish, but it was a tough one. And I agree with Helen, more knitters would certainly help the crisis. Sorry I didn’t know about that sooner, would have been fun, but I’m not prepared with knitting.
    Did Joseph eat the Eggo???

  • Much as I dislike professional sports, what REALLY makes me nuts is the POOR SPORTSMANLIKE behavior of adults of rooting for another team, simply because of some (crazy) unreasoning prejudice against a rival team.
    And I loved your biblical-like language. Your 7th grade English teacher would be proud at your using of…oh, what do they call it when they make you write differently? Dialect? that doesn’t seem right….
    I’m from the Boston area, and I always dread them (football, baseball, hockey….) getting into championships because of the violence and mayhem that happens, whether they win or lose!

  • And taken in fun. But it shows a change in the climate of the rivalry. For years Yankees fans acted like it was one-sided, like they didn’t care. Still it is nice to see a little more competition in the AL East.
    A quick rivalry story: This summer at the Baseball Hall of Fame my four-year-old daughter saw a cow dressed up in a Yankees uniform, with two mitts on its ears. Since all things baseball are Red Sox to her, she said “Look at the Red Sox cow!” A man in Yankees gear looked down at her and said, a little too spitefully for a response to a four-year-old, “It’s a YANKEES cow.” My daughter looked up at me and asked “But why does he have to gloves?” My answer? Yankees need two gloves to catch.

  • I was shocked when I got up in the morning and saw that the Red Sox had won as it was 5-nadda when I went to bed.
    I love my local teams, but I always feel a bit uncomfortable at sporting events with the angry fans from both sides, getting drunk and cussing each other out. Not exactly how I want to spend an afternoon.

  • To keep in the Biblical vein: “Weeping may spend the night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Psalm 30, v. 8) When I went to bed it was 5-0, then I woke up to the news that the Sox had won!

  • I don’t know how anyone who calls herself a knitter could root against any team with SOCKS in the name, but I loved the post anyway! The Rays are a worthy underdog and if they do knock my team out I’ll cheer for them in the World Series, but you want to be awfully careful about rejoicing too soon when it’s the Red Sox at the bottom of a seemingly unescapable hole. Yankee fans, above anyone, should hark to the verses of the testament of 2004 and remember.

  • There are tears in my eyes, with such a hilarious post – I especially like the “Eggo which hath been toasted”. Thanks for a funny Friday read! Go Phillies! 🙂

  • Thou didst proclaim, yea verily, in thy best King James, the lamentation of thy people.
    But what didst thou put on the Eggo to tempt thy son? Syrup? PB&J? Nutella?

  • i live in the tampa bay area
    i am a part of the nation
    thee who are not go and sin no more

  • Yea-verily that same conversation goes on in our humble abode. My husband is a born and bred New Englander and dyed in the wool (vintage hat) BoSox fan (he and his brother spent many a spring day at the ball game instead of in the HS classroom) while my New York born teen daughter is a rabid Yankees fan. She has boycotted the sports page (except for her HS’s high lights) for the duration so as not to trigger the fatherly smirks. And in our house, the waffles come from the Hello Kitty waffle maker and are liberally sprinkled with mini chocolate chips as they bake. (PLEASE Eggo- start making HK waffles for the toaster oven. Clean-up would be so much easier!!!)

  • A previous verse from the Book of Baseball:
    …and Husband and Wife did look upon the Cubs, sending shouts of Hosana! Glory to the Pitchers in blue, Hail to the Outfielders and the Infielders, blessed are the bricks and blessed is the ivy of Wrigley. But lo, a curse was upon them and they would not go far in the playoffs. And though their spirits were low and though the men howled and the women rent their garments, soon the Windy City would shout “Next year, In CHICAGO!”
    (with apologies to the Passover Seder)

  • Wicked post! (translation for the non-massachusetts-residents: very nicely done)
    I totally recognize good fun…(and a well written post)… no offense taken. Believe me, no one understands the need to laugh in the face of tragedy as well as a Red Sox fan…. we had 86 years of practice! 🙂
    As Yogi said, it ain’t over til it’s over. And one thing we can all agree on is that some of the playoff games between Tampa & Boston have been amazing… there’s nothing like watching some really good baseball!!

  • um…is there a team called the Flounders?
    The Minnows?
    The crappies???
    (That would be funnnnny! but I may have ventured into freshwater, there.)
    I enjoyed the post, in my sadly sports-clueless way…time to go google 🙂

  • My new most favoritest word: “knockethed”

  • Somehow this reminds me of our church’s women’s softball coach of a few years back, who claimed that the outcome of games would indicate the favor of the supernatural. This from a Unitarian.

  • BoSox or Rays….come and play. The PHILLIES are waitin’ for ya.

  • At 31, I still find baseball as uninteresting as I did when I played right field in fifth grade (my sincerest apologies). I mean even culturally absorbed baseball analogies are lost on me: for example, I’m still not sure what “second base” is exactly. This is all very shameful for a mother of two young boys who love the sport- one of whom tells everyone he can that he’s big enough for a metal bat. The husband loves it too, but I can’t- even for love- dig deep enough to feign interest (actual interest is Not possible). Well, that being written, I dig the Book of Baseball. To the BoB (and author K)!

  • I am laughing out loud… “the sox of bo” Priceless.

  • Manny….eat your heart out 😀 LOL!!

  • The CRONE?!! (Oh my GAWD…I’m 4 years older than you!!…)
    Thanks, ka-Ay! 🙁

  • The 800+ Sox Knitters on Ravelry hope it is all in fun. We may have to have a symbolic burning of Rowan Denim scraps if not. 😉

  • Lo, for unto me is born a quandry: Is it fair to suddenly become a Phillies fan just ’cause they’re going to the World Series? I don’t normally care about baseball, but I’d love to see Philadelphia have something to feel good about and world series mania is hard to avoid out here.

  • Yea, verily, thy post waketh me from the doldrums of a Saturday afternoon. Blessings be upon thy head, and upon thy fair DP’s, and upon all pleasant knitting…

  • Dear Kay (and Joseph),
    You know what a FAN I am. I couldn’t watch the carnage for one more second and moved to the other room to sew. Once my oversized tush hit the sewing chair, Big Papi hit a 3 run homer. Convinced my body position brought on the much-needed run, I had to stay there for three innings, straining my ears to hear the TV. I did watch Drew’s double and other highlights on the web. Later. When it was Safe for me to move.
    I did sew the Smashing Smock from Seams to Me, the new book from Anna Maria Horner. It looks very smashing on the pregnant first grade teacher I sewed it for.
    I figger the Sox of Bo are going down tonight (years of following the Sox means I always expect a failure)…better to lose away than lose at Fenway.
    Gotta (sorta) love a team with the lowest payroll in baseball, though. And now that Manny’s team has lost, I can’t ask for anything more from the baseball gods.
    Hope my daughter makes it to Brooklyn Library to see the talk! It was great seeing you in Nashvegas.

  • It was so great to finally MEET the two of you today! And you’ll be pleased to know that my Monteagle bag did NOT go home empty, either… What luck that I finished knitting it and had it in my purse, even if I haven’t actually bothered to weave in that last end yet…

  • Love your post! I just came back home to North Carolina from my hometown of Pinellas Park, Fla. The Rays fans are sooooooo ready for this win. Everywhere we went there were signs on stores and cars. GO RAYS! I wish them all the best (Sorry Boston. Am ex-BoSox fan from many years ago.) I will be on the edge of my seat Sunday night!

  • Because you are in mourning and I wish to cheer you up. It isn’t knitting but I suspect you will like this lovely lady’s work anyway.
    Contemporary Embroidery from karenruane at blogspot.com Her October 18th work reminds me of your books.

  • Wish I were closer as the World Financial Center needs 100s of knitters to leadeth them out of the darkness and unto the light…
    I just can’t do that as well as you can!
    Thank you for the laugh!

  • Your writing is so fresh! This from a Bostonian. Meanwhile, the natives are restless. We want to hear more about the tour.

  • It was so good to meet you at Rhinebeck. Thank you for the bookplate!!!! I should have fondled the garments more…
    I took a picture of you but I goofed 🙁
    Love your new book.
    But hey all is well again in the world of baseball. We are a Yankees household and say Go Rays!

  • It was so good to meet you at Rhinebeck. Thank you for the bookplate!!!! I should have fondled the garments more…
    I took a picture of you but I goofed 🙁
    Love your new book.
    But hey all is well again in the world of baseball. We are a Yankees household and say Go Rays!

  • Well, Jeff was walking around the house last night shaking his head and laughing, muttering over and over to himself: for their stripes are pleasing to the Lord, and also their haircuts. That, for a Boston-lover and one who worries that the Church of Craft is an uncomfortably heretic/sacrilegious name for a craft group. And then Boston lost. Again. But he was still laughing about the stripes and the haircuts.

  • GREAT post-with 2 baseball fanatic sons(11 and 8) I can so relate. Us-last night driving the 2 1/2 hours from my sister’s screaming with radio. O Joy to the ones who have lifted themselves from the swamps of Tampa into the radiant light of the halogens at the World Series(my boys wanted Tampa, sorry)!

  • Surely there is much rejoicing in your house today. Congratulations from a dedicated (and very sad) Bo Sox fan. Good luck!

  • Surely there is much rejoicing in your house today. Congratulations from a dedicated (and very sad) Bo Sox fan. Good luck!

  • Surely there is much rejoicing in your house today. Congratulations from a dedicated (and very sad) Bo Sox fan. Good luck!