A Baby Blanket in a Week?

By Ann Shayne
October 1, 2019

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  • Love the bobble blanket. I have two baby blankets to knit before next year. One is going to be patchwork and I think the other will be one with bobbles.

  • I call that ‘piggy-backing’ the needles. If you need more just add another!

    • I did that in the round with a stuffed animal when I didn’t have enough DPNs to get the job done!

  • I have a set of interchangeable needles with cable connectors. I haven’t needed to use them yet,but you can connect two 40 inch cables and make an eighty inch needle. Give or take an inch or two.

    • I have those too, and have used the connector! Works like a charm for a big long needle.

  • That Dionne shawl will be stunning. I can hear the compliments already. Looking forward to the Bobble blanket as well. I love it when I so enjoy the knitting of a project that finishing it seems bittersweet – like leaving an old friend.

    • I got that feeling too, for the first time ever! It was while knitting Dangling Conversation scarf;) Guess that means I need to knit another!!

  • What a good tip! Every once in a while there is a tip that is so sensible and useful that I think, ‘Why didn’t I think of that’ ! Thank you!

  • Have done that with 2 long circs and messed up, works well with 3, one knitting to the next.

    • Agree with you on the use of multiple circular needles. Just like loooog DPNs

  • and there is no ladder-effect when you use two circs like that?
    Interesting ….

    and let’s hear it for shawls knit in a heavier yarn and gauge …. super cozy and warm. Perfect for morning trips to the bus stop.

  • Great tip about the circular needles! The shawl is looking good — soft, warm, comfy. Kermit will love it! (You know everything in the house is his, don’t you?) Lastly, I have no doubt you’ll do a Bobble Throw in a week. . .and spend the rest of the decade putting bobbles all over Nashville!

  • This is the way I knit socks!I hardly ever mess up and get them all on the same needle. I think with 300 stitches I’d notice.

    You “ran into” me—like I’d miss a Merle concert lol!

    • I also knit my socks with 2 circa, I find it much easier than dpn’s or 1 long circular (magic loop). Your shawl is beautiful.

  • I love the Bobble Throw too! Good luck with your self-imposed deadline!

  • “Blurbles” — just love it!

  • I knit baby items for various charitys, i just love knitting, i can crochet blankets but sadly have never been able to understand an actual crochet pattern, id love to be able to crochet a wee cardigan or something simelar. Also i have never been able to suss out how to use a circular needles. Any tips please. Thanks in advance xx

  • Brilliant tip! I never would have come up with that solution (I would have gone and bought a 60″ cable). Thanks!

  • I received my copy of Field Guide No. 12 today, I’m so happy. There is always one pattern that I especially look forward to in each guide (I’ve collected them all) and this time it’s the Bobble Throw. This will be the perfect, easy baby blanket. I’m delighted to discover Jen Geigley’s how-to videos on MDK that demonstrate how to make the bobbles! Very helpful! xo

  • Thanks for sharing this, I absolutely love your page. Such a great inspiration for me to do more handcrafting!