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  • Beautiful. Looks like you’re not having issues with holes in your short row heels. Can you say anything about that?

    • I’m going to say the most unhelpful thing: it just didn’t happen on this sock. I have no idea why not. Perhaps this is another miraculous benefit of helical stripes?

      On previous socks, I’ve had the hole but just on one side of the heel, and I have deployed a half-baked strategy of picking up a stitch in that hole and then decreasing it away after a round or two. It’s sort of working? I am open to all suggestions.

      • adding that extra stitch and then decreasing it after a couple of rows is exactly what others suggest doing when picking up a sleeve or a thumb. So go for it!!!

  • If it were me, and in the interest of using the balls equally, I’d make one sock red toe and heel, and the other blue. Or red heels, blue toes. Love the stripes!

    • I was going to say just the same!

  • Just so you know, often silk/merino blends end up not being a solid color, as the silk takes the dye differently than the merino and also loses the dye differently as the socks are washed. This was certainly true of the Spud and Chloe red I used. I was very disappointed in the way the red of my socks became worn-looking very quickly. I hope your striped socks stay as brilliant as they are right now! They are gorgeous.

    • I will report back after washing them. I do like a tonal solid but I hope the red stays bright.

  • What heel did you use? It’s beautiful!

    • The short-row heel in Field Guide No. 11. I’m not enough of a sock wiz yet to start messing with the recipe. I can do it without looking at the book now! (Which means I may never learn another heel.)

      • Have you ever did the Fish Lips Kiss (FLK) heel? It’s great, and the only one i make now. And no holes Helixical sock knitting is next for me. Always making socks. Love #11 too.

  • Now I want ice cream.

  • OK now I”m going to throw a curve ball out how about madelinetosh Spectrum and a solid Navy Blue Spud and Chloe to make Lovers Knot? I have the Spectrum and now for another color to go with it.

  • The fun is that you can use red hot on one sock and calypso in the other. Or do toes in red hot and heels in calypso. There’s no rule that the socks have to be alike! I have one pair where one sock is the inside out of the other because I liked both so well!

  • Those stripes look great! Are you knitting one sock on two circular needles? What length needles are you working with?

    • Yes, one sock on 2 circles, and I believe these are 24 inch cables. You need them to be long enough to dangle out of your way when not in use, but not too much dangle.

  • As soon as I saw the photo of solid color sock yarn, I thought of Cookie A’s pattern Pomatomus. (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pomatomus) Absolutely the hardest socks I have ever made — and utterly gorgeous! A good pattern for when you want a challenge.

  • I’m working with the heavier weight for another project and this yarn is worth the price