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  • Cherry boobs: ha, ha and no way!

  • Kay, thank God you’ve got the sense to recognize a grooming crisis when it whacks you in the face.

  • I’m there (for cherry boobs) provided the compensation is right… my mama didn’t raise a shrinking violet and now that I’m a ‘respectable’ grown-up I prefer to humilate myself on my terms …so I’ll go get the wool next time I’m in Liberty. Would you like a matching top ?

  • Hey, a pedicure emergency is still an emergency! Cherry Boobs, yoiks! I’m afraid. Is there a link?

  • Rene–OF COURSE we needed to add a link. See the entry now for your own personal peek at the season’s fruitiest sweater.

  • Oh. My. God. My retinas are burned, and possibly scabbing over. Clearly, Kim Hargreaves needs to design a matching skirt, Cherry Butt, so the fabulousness can catch you coming and going.

  • LOL Rene!!!! Sounds like something that really NEEDS to be on Knitty…..Design it!!
    A whole new meaning to Fruit of the Loom.
    Must get my own Cherry Butt off the blog (which burns shockingly few calories) and to the gym.