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  • I decided to braid the ends on a baby hat, only I did the braiding on the RIGHT side as a decorative item. My braids are actually more like a column of “tails” along the hat from top to bottom. I sometimes braid a little pigtail on a hat to identify the back from the front of the hat.

  • Apparently the great and talented Kaifeng Fasset never sews in his ends…..

    • Kaffe Fasset – predictive text doesn’t always make sense!

  • I use the magic knot method and use a needle to drag it right where I want it. It’s a double knot and you cut the ends right off.

  • I’ve used the Russian join. Basically looping the yarn around each other and using a needle to weave each yarn into itself. Not a good description but plenty of tutorials on you tube…and no ends.

    • Similar to the Russian join, but without the need and time for a pesky needle, I work out how much yarn is needed to knit six stitches, then when I’m six stitches from a colour change I ‘hook’ two colours together leaving myself the amount of yarn I need for those six stitches, doubling each colour back on itself, then carry on knitting, dropping the shorter end of the new colour after six stitches of the new shade. The colour change is clean and immediate, the ends are secured and all it leaves to do is a trim before blocking.

    • Except if you are like me i never get the join exactly where i need it and it looks horrible. Lol

  • I am currently spit splicing on my fair isle project. Why didn’t I know about this before? I love that my tension stays even across the color change.

  • If it is ends I don’t havr issue of knotting and weave or spit splice. As it was put to me was never knit the knot. Knotting to secure is perfectly fine

  • I would rather weave them in as I go.

  • I’m looking at the back side of a log cabin (blanket) with plenty of color changes…..am tempted to go, as you say, “Commando!” ((@@,./’;,./’;