Four Easy Pieces: Cuatro Wrap

By Kay Gardiner
October 27, 2022

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  • Alert, attentive and humble. Good watchwords for us all

  • Kay, I so love reading your posts even when I’m not making the Project of Which You Write! (Even though you inspire far too many WIPs.) Again, many thanks to you and Ann and everyone for such excellent day-starters!

  • Lovely triangles!! I love playful knitting.

  • Thanks for the tip on fixing slip stitches! I’m always nervous about messing with the edge stitch.

  • Very inspiring Kay and I love your colors, thanks for all the details! What do you think about the possibility of rearranging the triangles to make a squarish blanket/throw?

  • Your prose is so lively, funny, AND informative!!! Thank you.

  • Very inspiring. I may one day actually do this one! For some reason, despite my long history as a befuddled knitter, I have never had a problem with the garter stitch tab. I followed precisely the instructions for it – years ago – in the Summer Flies pattern. They refer to the sides to pick up by length – so obvious. So I haven’t needed Very Pink’s video on this one although she is great for many other techniques that have befuddled me. Also came across Stephen West’s video on same for people who like a variety of instructions in their learning process. Chloe

  • I’m feeling the stirrings of a temperature project here. Time to open Excel.

    • Take two Felted Tweeds and call me in the morning.

      • A good laugh!!

  • I love the idea of adding a few “surprise” colors. I can see including a bright pink or a bold citron in an otherwise neutral palette.

  • Oh, what about shaking it up colorwise and using a lot of brights?!? As long as the same width of stripes continue, couldn’t you use lots of colors? It would be a wild one.

    • YES. I can’t stop thinking about this idea! Currently dreaming of doing the triangles in a neutral solid, no skinny stripes at all, and then popping in some neons for the bands of garter. Neons ‘n navy? I would wear the heck out of that. Since Tov DK doesn’t have those brighty-brights, my plot may include a Freia Yarn bomb—cherry-picking those long sections of bright color would be so fun.

  • Please explained again ….How to save articles in my MDK account and how to access explained it not to long ago but I can’t remember how or where I saved it. I loved the idea but of course I forgot how to do it. There are so many great thing in this article I want to save. Thank you.

  • Such a fun knit. I’m well into the 4th triangle and thinking about joining using a three needle bindoff because my Kirchner is so awful. If I ever do another (which I’m already leaning toward) I will certainly change center stitch on back of garter roses. Using rosy green yarn. Cheers.

  • Kay, your colors are gorgeous!!! It is SO FUN to read about your knitting adventures. Thank you for sharing the inspiration.

  • Part of me wants to knit this so bad … and I’ve a conference coming up, and it would be perfect conference knitting … but I have to fool around, as it is way too long for a wee petite person.

  • And when the time to Kitchener comes, remember Patty: enter the knit side knitting, leave it purling enter the purl side purling and leave it knitting (and damm be the set up may I add ). Congratulations on that beautiful wrap!!!

  • Isn’t “un-knitting” better known amongst knitters as tinking? It’s a made-up word but a useful one for knitters because it’s the word “knit” spelt backwards. This is when you’re slowly going back stitch by stitch to a mistake not too far away. Ripping, aka frogging (b/c rip-it, rip-it sounds like ribbit, ribbit) is the action of taking the project off the needles and fearlessly (or even trepidatiously) going back several rows or (gasp!) to the beginning to start afresh.

  • Where can I find a pattern for the Quatro wrap? It usnt immediately evident ( to me) but I am an odd one. I would like to purchase the pattern, please.
    Thanks so much.