Knit a Beanie, Baby

By Kay Gardiner
October 13, 2022

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  • I’m planning to pick my colors in person! Can’t wait to see you all and to squeeze some Atlas!

  • what are the colors of the person wearing the hat. its gorgeous looks like light ble and brown

    • It’s Leek (pale green) and Merlot (maroon).

    • Leek and merlot.

    • Ah, if you are asking about the photos in the pattern, it’s Truffle and Cork.

  • is there a coupon for the hat?

    • No the price is just reduced today on Ravelry.

      • Dang, Kay, you are such an enabler!

  • How did I miss all of those Thorpes? Thanks for this lovely post.

  • I thought I saw A smiling Jack O’ lantern at first! October!

  • I think Lapis and Citron to show support for Ukraine.

    • Love this idea!

  • I can’t wear a hat with wool in it because my forehead itches so much that I have to wear the Target ugly hats and I’m so glad that skiing helmets are in because for the first time I have a warm head. Bummer

    • I’ve knit the ribbing in cotton for friends with this issue. Go down a needle size or two for a ribbing that will hold, and make sure you get a fluffy, soft cotton.

  • Thorpe remains an all-time favorite knit – and a good reminder that I should add it back to my repertoir of hat knitting! I think I’d try mouse and citron for seedling!

  • I love Kirsten’s color sense! And the assembly line idea sounds like great fun! Now I have to round up some fellow knitters!

  • I love this pattern!

  • A friend of mine caught just a glimpse of this hat when I was scrolling through my Instagram. He asked me to send the pattern information to his mother so she could make him one for Christmas. That’s a great hat!

  • Barn red and truffle will be my first…and then citron and something and then…