It’s Sale Time

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
September 5, 2022

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  • I wish you did sell mechanical pencils! I’m having a hard time finding them around me, and they are my favorite doodling implement. Just added ‘check Zauberball stock’ to my list of things to do on this rainy day, so I’ll probably be back to shop!

    • Try the Uni Kura Toga – I buy mine from Jet Pens. And do get a Zauberball 😉

      • Oh my goodness, thank you! So much nicer than the cheesy ones from the drug store. And of course I’m getting more Zauberball!

  • High yesterday: 100+ Fahrenheit (around 40C). Today’s predicted high: 108F (42.2C). Tomorrow’s predicted high . . .. more of the same. You see where this is going: Summer’s brutal reign has yet to be ended. Not a time to buy wool, alas!

    • Right there with you! And may I say, I love the name Stashdragon!

      • Thank you. It’s an appropriate username, if I say so myself. And most of it’s wool, too. 😉

    • You must live in Phoenix!!

      • California, but we’re in the middle of an *insane* record-breaking heat wave.

    • Don’t know what part of the US you’re in but N California is the same. Yesterday we had a power outage. Bought 4 small charger able fans in case we have more outages. Ok back to my shopping.

    • Got you beat. Here in the East Bay, it’s supposed to hit 111 today. This is crazy! The thought of a wool sweater is not very appealing.

    • It’s not all wool in there. Euroflax Linen, Creative Linen, and Summerlite are all in the sale until the end of today. Hope you get a break from the heat soon!

  • The sale site won’t let me check out. I can put things in my cart but not pay for them and have them sent. Help! I don’t want to miss the Zauberball Crazy sale!

  • Who is or was Lisa Frank?

    School supply shopping was the only part of school I liked.

  • We’re in Northern Calif. We live in the Sierra Foothills. It’s 108 and only 10:30am. This is not good. I expect a few days over 100 but we’re going to break the 41 day record for most days over 100 in a year. It so hot you almost can’t knit. Please Lord no fires here like last year. I’ll commiserate with you all.

  • Love that little red truck!

  • I really want to purchase big wool on sale today for the main squeeze cardigan. Which color is most teal?

    • Hi, Kathy! Mallard is a deep shade of teal. (Vert is closer to green but with blue tones.) Sale ends at the end of today, June 6. Thanks!

      • September 6, obvs, but we are in total denial that summer is ending so we’re gonna redo the calendar …

  • This was a perfectly timed sale. I have to make a Passive Aggressive Baby Sweater and ordered exactly what I needed and it will be beautiful.