Knit to This: Victrola Roundup

April 2, 2022

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  • DG, I love your articles and am delighted to try listening to these artists I’ve never heard of before. Thank you.
    But most importantly! … Where is Quincy ME streaming?!
    I’m on the edge of my seat waiting to know.

    • I only get one episode per day on COZI or whatever that dumb channel is that digs up all that terrible stuff like The Ropers. That’s why it’s taking so long!

      • Oh, thank you for letting me know!
        Maybe I’ll have to track it down on…dare I say it…DVDs.

  • Ok salvant has one of the greatest jazzy voices I I have ever heard. She is also great In person. She has I believe studied voice both here in in Paris. Great choice.

  • DG, I always love your suggestions. So many new voices.

    And, Quincy brings me right back to my childhood. One of my mom’s favorite shows!

  • DG, you are a source of life enhancements. I never can ignore your recommendations. Thanks for a great start to my Saturday. My first click…the video at the top of the page. It will last all day.

  • Phenomenal selections. Excellent choices for a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, all days of the week. You open our eyes and ears to so many great musicians.

  • I had to immediately stop and listen to listen to find out what “Southern Gothic” sounds like, and I was not disappointed. And now I’m a fan — thanks for sharing!

  • Perfect. Anything with Rhiannon Gibbens is good, too.

    • Oh tsk, correct spelling – Rhiannon Giddens…

  • Loved this music video.

  • In order to not remain with my High School and college standards, I’m always open to new suggestions for music and these are great suggestions…but I can’t say goodbye to BLUE by Joni Mitchell

    • Blue is one of the greatest albums ever!

  • I have been fighting with Audible all morning to try to get something to play on my Windows 10 desktop — one is antiquated all too soon these days.
    I knew I’d find relief at MDK in some form. I’ll just listen to your list!!! Thank you!

  • As always, thank you for your very timely recommendation. I checked out Adia Victoria’s website and was able to get tickets for Boston.

  • Three fantastic artists two of whom I had never heard of before. Thank you so much!