Confident Knitting: Mosaic Knitting

By Ann Shayne
October 11, 2021

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  • The cast on for these mitts, an earlier video, is something I will try in my next project that starts with 1×1 rib. It’s called alternating cable cast on. Check it out!

  • Oooh – I’m wondering if I can use this on socks!!

    • Yes, it works quite well on socks. @highcontrastknits on Instagram has some amazing and fun (mosaic) slip stitch patterns for socks.

  • My favorite mosaic I’ve done lately is the Pressed Flowers shawl somebody mentioned here this year. Easy, engaging, and a beautiful result!

  • I love mosaic/slip stitch knitting. One color per row/round makes me happy, just like brioche! I’m working on a slip stitch bed sock right now…worsted weight so it’s pretty quick.

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  • I watched Jen’s video several times and loved it. But the one part I could not understand is why was the purl step necessary for this pattern or was sge just demonstrating how one would do this?

    • Hi Lorelei! There is a section in this pattern where you need to work flat, back and forth, so you need to work WS rows in purl in this part of the pattern. I hope that helps! Jen