The Marlogram Is Here!

By Kay Gardiner
October 4, 2021
Marling is our new best friend. Join us exploring Cecelia Campochiaro's designs in Field Guide No. 19.

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  • I like the way the pattern leaves the option for either a scarf or a cowl, and that the decision for which does not have to be made right away. To me, that is pure genius in its simplicity.

  • Once I got past the provisional crochet cast on of 140 stitches it was smooth sailing. I’m making one with Dusk and Vintage, and this past weekend I bought Chinook and Aurora to make a second one. The colors are amazing.

  • I am so on it. Waiting for my colors: Squid Ink and Point Reyes.

    • That should be beautiful!

  • While on vacation in July, I purchased two marked-down cakes of Freia Ombre Lace (the merino/nylon version that preceded the current merino lace), with no idea what to make and no intention of using them together. The colorways are Valentine (bright pink to white) and Espresso (pale brown to deep brown). I was delighted when I saw the Marlogram pattern and cast on pretty much immediately. It turns out these colors look awesome together, and this is the perfect pattern for them! I’m traveling by plane next weekend (alone! without my small children!), so I’m looking forward to getting several uninterrupted hours of meditative scarf knitting. Since the stitch pattern is so easy to memorize, and no need to change yarns along the way, it’s a great one for traveling.

  • I ordered 2 skeins of Woodsman to make my marlogram. Whoever packed my order gave me two cakes with the center flipped. Thank you!! I am not a center pull gal. I am all set to start!!

  • A question….does it matter whether you pull one skein from the middle and the other from outside when marIng. I have always wondered because of the way the way the fibers lay.

  • As a relatively new knitter, it the stitch difficult to work?