Staycation saleabration continues! These lil kitchen helpers just added to the Sale page

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  • Hello,
    I really enjoy your website and newsletters. Most of the time I wish your mailing fees were less expensive to Canada. But today I wish your staycation would involve more plant based and cruelty free recipes. You often mention pets and I cannot help but point out that the animals on your plate were also once sentient beings. We must all make changes to make a better livable world.
    Thank you,
    M Dufresne

    • Postage leaving the US can be crazy. I had to send a baby blanket and some tiny clothes to a cousin in Ireland recently and it cost me $88. Madness! As to the recipes, click on the 220 recipes link. There are tons of vegetarian and vegan recipes and quite a few that are adaptable. I’m hungry just reading it! Happy Knitting and Happy Eating!

  • My favorite thing here is “taking a walk and saying you went on a hike”. we have started to all of our walks as “hikes” especially to our grown kids….well, who’s to say really?? Thanks for the early morning smile!

    • OMG… I laughed out loud at that line and then immediately wanted to take the nap that is mentioned next. Ann: love your dry sense of humor!!

  • As I sit here eating my breakfast granola with blueberries and oat milk, I am keeping in mind for later the donuts in the fridge!

  • You have listed all my favorite staycation activities- especially taking a nap RIGHT THERE. And optional cooking. With our tomatoes finally ripened, a caprese salad has been dinner every night for over a week and this will continue until the tomatoes are gone.

  • Thank you. I just love Modern Daily Knitting. It brings me such contentment.