Destination: Deliciously Dark

By Ann Shayne
May 11, 2021

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  • I love your color choices for the pullover!

  • I want a dark sweater too! It just feels like you can sink into those colors. My favorites would be that green, dark purple, dark burgundy, with a touch of black. Too bad I can’t paste a picture of a lovely little bitty persian rug in those colors.

  • Those are my kind of colours as well..I look forward to seeing a picture of it when it is finished. Your cat is adorable!

  • Kermit is looking especially handsome in today’s pix! And your sweater colors are deliciously moody.

  • I love “pull it out for a tasty present from me to me.” That’s exactly how I think of my spring wool knitting: a happy surprise for fall me. Nobody loves you like you love yourself.

  • Oh my gosh, yes. My favorite china is, wait for it, Drabware. Color of milky tea but I’ve forgiven it the levity. Dank. Perfect. Right up there with Pond Scum. Dark and murky so soothing. Bring’m on!

  • Nicely chosen…loving the dark color range – Now I am interested in this pattern: I can “see” it.

    Kermit! Oh my goodness, the sweetness.