Knit to This: Cocaine & Rhinestones

April 17, 2021

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  • OH MY! Can’t wait.

  • We would be friends!!!! Off to listen! I just listened to the Opportunist about conspiracy cults in Ohio.

  • I feel better for having read this. Not, like, I feel like a better person. I needed a good laugh and you gave it to me. Thank you

    • Same. Thanks, DG!

      • Me too!

  • We will be in Nashville this week. Can’t wait to listen to this.

  • Oh law! If DG Strong says it’s a fun listen, I’m all in. I have the afternoon to knit away, and this sounds perfect. The stories behind Harper Valley PTA and a song about birth control? This is gonna be a good day.

  • It’s wonderful,
    very informative, fascinating. But! I feel a little punch in the heart for the term ‘in the nineteen hundreds.’ Empirically correct. Still makes me feel two hundred years old.

    • ouff more of a pinch than a punch

  • I LOVE That Loretta Lynn song!

  • I spent my Saturday knitting and listening to this podcast–quite entertaining! Thanks!

  • Thank you for the rec! Two episodes yesterday made a long drive a lot more fun.