Knit to This: Cocaine & Rhinestones

April 17, 2021

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  • OH MY! Can’t wait.

  • We would be friends!!!! Off to listen! I just listened to the Opportunist about conspiracy cults in Ohio.

  • I feel better for having read this. Not, like, I feel like a better person. I needed a good laugh and you gave it to me. Thank you

    • Same. Thanks, DG!

      • Me too!

  • We will be in Nashville this week. Can’t wait to listen to this.

  • Oh law! If DG Strong says it’s a fun listen, I’m all in. I have the afternoon to knit away, and this sounds perfect. The stories behind Harper Valley PTA and a song about birth control? This is gonna be a good day.

  • It’s wonderful,
    very informative, fascinating. But! I feel a little punch in the heart for the term ‘in the nineteen hundreds.’ Empirically correct. Still makes me feel two hundred years old.

    • ouff more of a pinch than a punch

  • I LOVE That Loretta Lynn song!

  • I spent my Saturday knitting and listening to this podcast–quite entertaining! Thanks!

  • Thank you for the rec! Two episodes yesterday made a long drive a lot more fun.

  • Thank you for raving about this podcast. I had a listen and was hooked. You’re right about it being a sort of Remembrance of Things Past. Besides the wonderful music and great stories, I also really appreciate Coe’s candor about how he does his research and how he makes judgement calls. We probably need more people talking about this, especially if they do it as engagingly as he does.