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  • Y’all throw fabulous parties!

  • There are so many interesting ideas in this group! I can’t wait to try some out. I just have to decide where to start…

    • I love this idea, I love the patterns and I love MDK. But so disappointed that many of the patterns link to Ravelry, even those of designers who are actively promoting the current logout from Rav. Promotional schedules acknowledged….a bad situation.

      • Thank you, I’m feeling the exact same thing.

        • As mentioned in the notes at the top of the post, each designer name links to their website, instagram, payhip, etc.

  • Ooh,so many great cardigans, Wave of Change, Letho, Cruiser and Banyan are my personal favorites.

  • I’m thinking Frog and Toad from Tuesday are going to steal this show.

  • Enjoying the cruise~!

    • I just love the Letho cardigan. I hope the pattern comes in English as well as the other 2 languages listed on Ravelry. I suppose I can use Google translate feature but it seems like the long way around. The party is great so many cool patterns.

      • Hi Sue, when I looked at Letho on Ravelry it listed: English, Danish, German as the pattern languages.

      • The pattern says it is NOW (meaning now also, I think) available in German and Danish.

  • Fabuloue designs – so hard to choose from Wave of Change to Kate Davies – of course – to Letho. All of these marked as favourites. Where does one stop!

  • I love the people you use as models. So much more inclusive than the usual insipid knitting models. These women look like they have lives, fun and interests. Thanks! MG

  • So many beautiful pieces.