Knit to This: Jon Batiste Dances

By Ann Shayne
February 6, 2021

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  • Also, somebody knit up a version of that shirt!

    • That was exactly my thought! A nice summer cardigan!
      And the music was awesome too….

  • Thank you so much. I think he’s wonderful!

    • Soundtrack from the movie “Soul” is phenomenal. It’s a must-hear if you’re a Jon fan. And I agree, we need a knit pattern fir that shirt!

  • Oh I just love Jon Batiste!

  • I love this so much that it has become our cheer up, get moving song of the day! ❤️Jon Baptistery! He is so talented!

    • Darn autocorrect! Mr. Baptiste!

  • What a delight! Such a great way to start the day.

  • He’s my latest “discovery”; never cared much for jazz until Jon came into my life. I watch him every night on Stephen Colbert. Thank you for highlighting Jon!

    • I do to! He was just nominated for an Emmy for his contribution to “Soul”. So excited for him 🙂

  • Man has style.

  • Love the music and video. So creative!

  • Mhmmmmmm- that made me so happy!!!!!!!

    • 100% smiling from ear to ear!

  • So fun! For more NOLA fun, check out the Mardi Gras house floats. Better in person but still fun online.

    • They had me at “yardi gras.” So fun.

  • That was great Ann!!!

  • This made me smile! Thanks!

  • An amazing talent.

    He also wrote the score to ‘Soul’- the latest Disney/Pixar movie.
    Stephen Colbert proudly showed it off!

    • Yes! My daughter and I watched it a couple of weeks ago. A great movie & music!

  • Wow! That really made me smile!

  • I want to go museum hopping with him!

    • Would love to see what he’d do with all those Renaissance religious paintings!

  • Oh, my! Love Jon Baptiste! This video made my Saturday morning, so thank you MDK.

  • Isn’t he marvelous? I love his music, and he can dance!

  • This was fantastic! Thanks Ann.

  • Thank you for this introduction to Jon Batiste! Soooo goooood! I was smiling the whole time!

    • That was utterly fantastic! Thank you so much, Ann!

  • So, I owe you guys – I loved this! I went back and listened to the amazing Terry Gross interview. I shared this with my kids and on Facebook. My cool quotient has been raised. Thanks!

  • I would want to give it my full attention.