Knit to This: Amanda Gorman

By Ann Shayne
January 23, 2021

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  • Her recitation was extraordinary, transfixing, it was the highlight of an already redemptive day.

    • I loved this poem and Amanda Gorden’s bright spirit. We’ve watched this reading many times. The right thoughts put into a poem for the right time.


  • Amanda Gorman was the star that day. She is an alum of WriteGirl in LA, a creative writing and mentoring program that I am proud to say my daughter Sarah has volunteered with in LA.

  • While I have loved poetry since high school, I loved it even more on inauguration day. To the folks who think that the next generations are not worthwhile or that they have things to offer us so we can learn more, meet Amanda Gorman.

  • I have been back to watch this several times since the other day. She is so powerful in the way she weaves the words and draws you in. I love it.

  • How many times can one watch Amanda’s recitation teary-eyed? For me, it has been quite a few. I hope many words moved a nation on Inauguration Day. This shining light shared some of the most compelling. Thank you for featuring her today!

  • …” and change our children’s birthright…” powerful.

  • Even though I am not thrilled about who is now in our White House (nor was I thrilled with President Trump), this was so beautiful and powerful!

  • An incredibly inspiring young woman! I watched her interview on AC 360 and with James Corden late night. Just blown away by her words, her humility, her genuineness

    • So glad you picked this today for a beautiful tribute in a momentous week for the US. Love from Canada.

  • That last phrase also struck and stuck with me. The most “of the moment” inaugural piece ever. Simply brilliant.

  • I used to write poetry and so did my daughter, but @amandagorman knocked it out. She has an amazing future ahead of her. Stay relevant!

  • Until now, I thought attending the 1993 Inauguration and hearing Maya Angelou in person Could never be matched. I’m happy to say that Amanda Gorman’s rhymes with it in my personal history.

  • Just amazing!!

  • This is what makes America great. “If only we are brave enough to be it.”

  • “The right words in the right order can change the world”…. Lin Manuel Miranda captured my delight and emotion at hearing Amanda Gorman’s poem. She is a beauty to watch and to hear. Gives me hope for the future of our country and our world to have young people with a vision such as hers.

  • So hard to find enough good words to discrthis you gwoman andhertalentso I’ll just say AMAZING❣

    • Ok looked at my post it should read: so hard to find enough good words to discribe this young woman and her talent so I’ll just say AMAZING❣

  • Journalist Linda Ellerbee noted that Amanda Gorman appeared on a Nickelodeon program at age 11 and debated the issue of animals used in performances (I think), and said that at age she was already a stand out. She also overcame a speech impediment. Poem AND delivery were magnificent.

  • She gave me chills with her insight and maturity

  • This was just the best moment! It left me in tears and breathless. And her reaction to Lin-Manuel Miranda was priceless! Amanda Gorman is brave enough. She makes us great.

  • Amanda is so amazing! Her words are magic!

  • I did just what you suggested: knit while listening. I LOVED the cadence – so much more powerful than simply reading it – and her voice.

  • Last line should read: “If ONLY we are brave enough to be it. “

    • Yes thanks! Fixed!

  • Every time I listen to her I am stuck between smiles and tears. She is amazing and did an awesome job at the inauguration. I do hope we see a lot more of her in the future.

  • I was an English major in college 40 years ago. Studied a lot of literary masters, read a lot of books, read a lot of poetry. I have never, EVER read or heard anything from anyone that affected me like this. I watched this stunning young woman deliver her words to the world on TV at the inauguration. I have listened to it a number of times since then. Every time I do I have the same visceral reaction. My heart pounds, my breath is whisked away, and I cry. This is not just a message to our country, it is a message to the people of the world everywhere. What a glorious, powerful message. What poise, what confidence. What earnestness. Amanda should be given a position in the new administration. What a gift it would be to have her address us at the beginning of every week. Can words move mountains? Hers might.

    • I was a Lit Crit major as well and I had the same reaction. Students will be reading her words a century from now, just as we enjoy Coleridge, Dickenson, and Whitman. She’s already a master.

  • Both Amanda and her words just shine! Watching her again, it feels so personal, so touching. And, not to make light of moment, but can we talk about that gorgeous coat? Perfect!

  • This was a beautiful poem and a talented woman.
    However; I really don’t appreciate seeing this on my favorite knitting site. When You visit me every day I don’t want to see a political post.
    Thank you for allowing me to express my thoughts.

  • Every time I listen to it, chills and tears. Once I listened without watching her, though her physicality was perfect- it was also so beautiful just to listen to the words.