Knit to This: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

December 12, 2020

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  • I watched this a couple of weeks ago, and it’s incredible in so many ways. Debbie Allen is a force of nature. This doc weaves together so many themes, about racism, about art, about how to reach kids as kids. I just loved it.

    • This documentary is amazing. Thanks for the suggestion. Yea, NetFlix!

  • You know that when someone wants to commission a piece of art from you and are horrified when you tell them what a true price would be that they do not understand what goes into making that piece of art. Debbie Allen is awesome.

  • Off to Netflix this minute!

  • A wonderful uplifting documentary! a Debbie Allen is fierce and beautiful!
    Thank you so much for the tip!

  • Loved the film and must admit these days I think many people don’t care much about others. Grateful for anything that steers me in the opposite direction. Thanks for the, as usual, lovely piece of writing. Was glad to learn at the end of the film where some of the kids ended up.

  • Oooooooohhhhh. Sounds good. Will be watching with my children, who need a dose of ‘stuff takes real work’ and also kids who can get kicked out of a show and just live with it.

    Also, yes, I did order a nice old copy of Rock Crystal or Mountain of Alpine Holiday or whatever that title was from last week. Should have it in time to read out loud before Christmas.

    You are apparently very convincing to me! Thanks for the suggestions and for being here.

  • I am never surprised by the awesomeness of Debbie Allen! I’m just so happy she’s still dancin’ and kickin’ a%%!!! Great writing, kind sir!

  • I watched this yesterday. Wonderful.

  • And now that I’ve seen it, let me say that I’ll be watching it again and again. I haven’t felt such a rush of joy and hope and beauty since far too long ago.