Back for 2021: Field Guide Subscriptions

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
November 27, 2020

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  • So excited for new Field Guides in 2021! If we were subscribers in 2020, do we need to sign up for the new year or will we automatically continue to be subscribers until we “opt out”?

    • I had exactly the same question. I thought I recalled an auto-renew but maybe I was hallucinating!

      • Hi y’all—we don’t have an auto renew option, so if you’d like to subscribe, please go for it now. We hope to have auto renew in the coming year.

        • Awesome. Thank you Ann!

        • Aww. I was enjoying my ‘Charter Subscriber’ badge of honor! But so glad to know to need to sign up again – that would’ve been a tragedy to miss! Luv them!

  • I ordered the set which includes the first 15 and subscribed for 2021 so I would have them all. I realized today that doesn’t include #16. I wonder how many other people are unintentionally missing that one from their collection

    • Hi Missy! Thank you so much for your support!

      And thanks too for pointing this out—it is definitely true that Field Guide No. 16 is sold separately from the Collection, because it’s our newest Field Guide and not part of any promotions. We’ll try to make this more clear.

  • I was a new subscriber and I loved not having to worry about missing a Guide. Subscribing also helped introduce me to new yarns and new techniques. I’m a new knitter so this keeps it exciting. I’m definitely resubscribing. Thank you all for the excitement of new things during the pandemic.

    • Oh CANADA Feeling slightly rejected. Perhaps you might open a sister shop here one day, perhaps on the West Coast…Vancouver, BC perhaps.

      • Totally rejected here in BC Canada .

      • I hope we do! That would be lovely. And apologies for not being able to offer international subscriptions. 2020 has been a heck of a year with shipping, but especially across borders.

  • Ordered! Thank you. I loved getting these this year.

  • Can you give a subscription as a gift?

  • Will you be offering an ebook subscription, for those of us living in places you don’t ship to?