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  • I struggled whether to order a kit from this book and yesterday ordered the kites throw in “chalky.” Now I kind of regretting not ordering the other color set. I just keep telling myself chalky doesn’t have to be bad. That word reminds me of the mess chalk made in elementary school when we still had blackboards. I do love the colors so I hope I’m second guessing for nothing.

    • In this instance, chalky is another way of saying “heather tones”.

      • Okay, I like that better. Thank you.

  • This is JUST what I needed to see, amazing how things fall into place. I have some fabulous Buachaille skeins from Kate Davies that are not much in themselves but will be perfect for making small houses. Serendipity! Xxx

    • Oh, I love that idea! Buachaille is nice and sticky, too—perfect for colorwork.

    • Those would be perfect!

      • That’s what I thought, fab colours and sticky xx

  • When I first laid eyes on this field guide my immediate plan was to make a wall hanging, 2 houses wide by 3 tall. I have just the place for it. I’ve never done intarsia, so this seemed a manageable size. The tiny pillow is another good thought. Let’s see what happens.

  • Here’e the thing. I had never done intarsia before and, when the email about testing arrived, my second carpal tunnel surgery was imminent. But I really wanted to participate, So Nell suggested a pin-cushion sized pillow with a single motif instead of the full meal deal. She sent the charts and once I saw this charming little house, the decision was made. I’m so glad you liked it too!

    • Wow—knowing the story makes it even better that you made such a magical thing. Hope your carpal tunnel is all better!

      • Healing well thank you! Already have needles back in my hands. At least once in a while.

  • I was stressing about the possibility that a meter would not be long enough for one of the small motifs and I would make a mess of things with having to work with a new piece for just a few stitches, messing up my tension. Spit splicing somehow did not occur to me and makes perfect sense for this yarn. Thank you!

    • I got the idea from Mrs. Shayne and it really eliminates anxiety about whether you have enough.

  • I seriously want to knit a village of houses. So cute!

  • Dodgesh 11/18/20
    This has truly called to me as I love anything ‘houses’ and it has been decades since I have sat down to knit! The ‘chalky’ Afghan that is tempting me will be more achievable, following perhaps, many little houses, a scarf and/or a cushion. Your post has been most inspirational encouraging me to jump in the very large and murky pond while reminding one to stop and put on one’s boots.

  • I love this idea of a little house pin cushion. I like making pin cushions and this is perfect for a little gift or to keep! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  • oh, i can see single houses in my life, YES!!

  • To say I’m smitten with all things Kaffe Fassett is an understatement. Never having knitted intarsia I would like to see the back side of one of the scarves, just so I know what to expect.

    • It looks like the back side of my little house in the photos. I like the back almost as much as the front. The short ends kind of melt in and the motifs are all outlined.

  • Oh dear, my mind just teased me with the idea of doing one house and then log-cabin-style solid strips around it. Help! I’ve not even had breakfast, and down the rabbit trail I go!

    • Brilliant idea! Go for it.

    • Oh my gosh! A whole blanket of little houses/log cabin!! Talk about a chance to play with color. I wonder how many yarn bundles it would take…..

    • What a great idea. I love it!

  • I think this is my most favorite Field Guide ever… I can’t wait to dive into one of these projects!!! I’m sure I have a few more houses in me. 😉

    • I love that you’re not housed out Vicki!

  • Oh my, I didn’t think I could be more enamored with this delightful project, but yes, I am! It’s the perfect mix of pandemic significance, heirloom, and whimsy!

  • My kit for the I cushion bright color way will be delivered today. I’m planning out how I’m going to track my place in the pattern. I love how patterns emerge in intarsia and I can’t wait. Good thing I’m done with Christmas knitting.

  • Brilliant! Just what I needed. Thank you.

    I love the colors of the Kites Throw. (I think “soothing.”)

  • I love this little house block! And it’s reminding me of another pattern – have you seen Boy Knits World Copenhagen blanket? Another treat of little houses all knitted together.

    • yes! love it when my virtual knitting friends converge !

  • Darn it, Kay! Once again I’m being sucked down an MDK rabbit hole . Little tweedy houses, here I come! After all, it’s Kaffe!

  • I have your “Painterly” booklet and it’s enchanting. We were in Peru two years ago and watched the amazing knitting taking place EVERYWHERE. The models in the book remind me of the beautiful, happy faces we found there. Those sweet and gentle spirits among the beautiful and colorful wools created a perfect memory of Peru. This booklet takes me there whenever I look through the book. I bought a hat from a man who worked a very complicated design while talking to me – never looking at his work. BLOWN AWAY!!
    So, even though Intarsia knitting has been intimidating, I am going to jump in. Beautiful book – as always.

  • Must have houses in many heathery-Rowanish iterations all over my house

  • I loved your idea and creations….beautiful and colorful. This will last years to come. Thank you for sharing.

  • I just started a test pattern and one comment is to cut a bit more yarn than expected as 6-8″ of yarn can be eaten up when leaving tails for weaving in at beginning and end of that color. Also the split, spit and felting of yarn to join new pieces is so far eluding me…with felted tweed, do we still trim out 1 strand in each end? – I tried both ways and the pieces did not want to felt together. Personally I can’t imagine having the stamina to get through anymore of this pattern than one pin cushion at a time! A beautiful but tedious endeavor…I much prefer the multi-color, multi-patterned throw from the other booklet. That was a terrifically fun knit. Different strokes for different folks!

  • I bought the ebook version of the Field Guide yesterday and those houses had me at hello! I made a needlepoint cushion along time ago that is similar houses on a cream background. The pattern offered a version on a black background but I’ve never managed to make it. Now I can make a speedier knitted version. Will use the icord edging too, just like a piped cushion edge. Ordered my husband’s Xmas present of Felted Tweed today

  • I’m not happy with the idea of the scarf having a ‘wrong’ side. (Just me being me, no offense intended.)
    I was wondering about the idea of casting on enough to use a round needle and a tube scarf. I’m going to be using a fingering weight yarn, so I think it will work.

    • As i woke from my sleep, i realized this won’t work with Intarsia. Fair Isle, yes. Intarsia, no.
      Back to the drawing board!

      • Could you cast on the equal amount to make a tube, knit it flat and then close it all up? ( that is a lot of work; I might consider Crazy Glue). I started the Village yesterday as a swatch or something that might morph into something else. It is a good quiet time project