Knit to This: Dance to This, Actually

By Ann Shayne
March 7, 2020

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  • Happy Saturday to you. Great reminder of our trip to NYC.
    Hoping you are ok after the storms.

  • Love this, now I have to go watch it a million more times…

  • I loved this so much. And it reminded me that Talking Heads is still high on the list of bands that I regret never seeing live.

    • Same..

  • Wow–I would live in such a cultural wasteland without your weekend goodies!

  • Awesome song to start a Saturday morning!

  • Saw a great interview with him earlier this year on CBS Sunday Morning. Quite interesting. I’m always impressed with people who keep continuing to create and push boundaries!

  • You have just made my day! In fact, most of your Knit to This’s do. Keep ’em coming please and thank you!!

  • I am a happy subscriber to the Criterion Channel (check it out) and this month they have Stop Making Sense! Blocking out time for that one.

  • Reminds me of finding my mother listening to Aretha and ironing when I was in HS

  • I loved this! Byrne is genius!

    • Yes!

  • Love, love David Byrne and Talking Heads.
    Thank You for sharing this.

  • Same as it ever was.
    (Once in a lifetime.)

  • Love it! More please

  • Music is very good for the soul…deb

  • I saw this on SN? And LOVED it! Thanks so much for the clip!