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  • Note to Self: Make Victoria Biscuits this weekend.

  • Note to self: get Husband to make Victoria Biscuits this weekend. I’m busy knitting my Bangoutasweater.

    • Hugs to you! I personally am doing Valentine banana bread for us AFTER I bang out more Main Squeeze! And hopefully complete and wet block this weekend!

    • Yes!!!!

  • Mercy. Franklin, I gained three pounds just reading the description.

  • I’ll have what he’s having.

  • The best food review I have ever read. Victoria Biscuits are on my baking list for the weekend. Thank you Franklin for your wit and wisdom.

  • I am on my way to the store, as I seem to be out of kirschwasser.

    • I hate when that happens!

  • Well, I guess I have to go and get both cherry brandy and regular brandy (a wineglass full?!). I did get a spectacular marmalade gift set from Jamboree Jams but those are tiny bottles, so add marmalade to the shopping list. These cookies sound decadent.

    Can’t wait to see you at Yarnover in April, Franklin! I’ve been a fan since your early panopticon days.

  • OMG! I am on those Victoria Biscuits asap!

  • I’ll have what he’s having!

    • (*snorting my afternoon coffee* )
      My sentiments, exactly!

  • Funny, informative, and delicious-sounding! A Franklin trifecta!

  • Oh, and a historical note on that “wineglass of brandy.” This 2017 article from The Guardian says that “wineglasses are seven times larger than they used to be.” So while it’s definitely a hefty slug, it’s not as much as we think of today! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/dec/14/size-does-matter-wine-glasses-are-seven-times-larger-than-they-used-to-be

  • Sounds perfect for My next Thursday Knit Night.

  • I was going to bake some Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies this afternoon. Not anymore! I have all the ingredients for Vickie’s cookies…even the cherry brandy. Great review.

  • I knew that her bloomers were a size 50” when she passed and that she adored her Albert. But, thank you for filling in the rest of the information and the recipes !

    • “filling in”? Surely you pun…

  • Love your valentine post about Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. I am a cookie monster and can’t wait to make those cookies.

  • OMG I love the way Franklin writes and these recipes are fabulous. Madam will definitely NOT BE AT HOME TO ANYONE this afternoon