Vogue! Knitting! Live! 2020!

By Kay Gardiner
January 16, 2020

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  • Best news! I’m so excited to meet you both
    See you at VKL!

  • Can’t wait! See you guys soon! I’m wearing my Petula on Saturday!

    • Can’t wait! In case I don’t recognize you, Christine , I’ll recognize your Petula!

  • Oh, I had the thrill of attending the first VKL 10 years ago (wherein I told my fellow elevator rider that Catherine Lowe would be there, not realizing until after I exited that this rider looked an awful lot like Catherine Lowe). And always planned on returning. This would have been the perfect year (10 years!) but life has had other plans and I can’t make it. So happy to hear all about it through you guys, VKL is just the best.

  • OMG, the video is hysterical–and I don’t even like pink!

  • I need to know more about that bear.

  • VKLNYC and Rhinebeck are on my Bucket List!!!

    • Me too!

  • SO. MUCH. FOMO!!!!!! Have a wonderful time, all of you who are attending!

  • I hope I catch you for a quick wave as you jog from appearance to appearance. You should having matching handknit track suits for the VKL NYC weeknds . Maybe next year? #knittinggoals

  • Sounds like lots of fun….so many things to see and do…deb

  • OMG! I was inspired to tears! Knitters Unite! Awesome to view the passion.

    • I know you’re here somewhere! The subway storm sounds like fun, but I’m giving a lecture on blocking this morning so I will miss it. Hope to see you in the Knitty City booth after class. Hugs!

  • I cannot believe I just saw you on the #3!!! What a start to my knitting year! I am a big big fan!! Thanks for the fan photo