Knit to This: Taking the Thread for a Walk

By Kay Gardiner
January 4, 2020

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  • I’m seeing Rosanne Cash for the first time this spring and I cannot wait!

  • I am listening while I knit swatches for a class I am taking next week. This is perfect since swatches are just not very exciting on their own!

  • Indeed, you do have to learn to love the thread. Needles (sewing or knitting) or hooks have been my go-tos in times of stress ever since I was a girl. Nothing beats the feel of the thread/yarn between your fingers & that tremendous sense of possibility. Fabulous playlist. Thank you.

  • This is truly a treat; what a great interview and playlist.

  • Fabulous! Thanks so much. And, FYI, Natalie has a few classes on Blueprint/Craftsy.

  • Can still hear my dad sing “Are You Lonesome Tonight?”