Knit to This: Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert

By Kay Gardiner
November 9, 2019

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  • Kay, Thank you for making MDK so much more than about knitting. You encompass everything that is important and meaningful to a full life.
    I will certainly enjoy these years of Tiny Concerts which I would never have discovered without MDK. Now all I need is a good snow storm to stay home and knit and listen to all of these concerts:)))

  • F’ing rocked the morning routine at my house. Thanks.

  • Lizzo! I’ve been playing this TD concert on Friday afternoons to end the workweek and kick off the weekend. Pure joy.

  • Just so good! Keep expanding my horizons MDK. Love discovering so many interesting things here that go beyond and with knitting. You make my weekends happy.

  • So good, Kay. This & yesterday’s Kaffe announcement were just what I needed!

  • love this!

  • Kay, if it’s even possible, I think I love you a little bit more ;). Thank you for sharing.

  • Yes! She is amazing.

  • My first exposure to Lizzo — what a remarkable talent! — certainly not my last. One more reason MDK is my favorite website!

    (Now back to drooling over Kaffe’s delights….)

  • I love you all such an obnoxious amount. Thanks for this, and the steady stream of wonderfulness.
    Will now go listen to Lizzie while I try to figure out which row I left off on.

  • I’m an NPR junkie, but I used to blow by the tiny desk concerts until they had John Prine, now I am hooked for life. Thanks for allowing others to learn about these treasures.

  • Thanks for my new getting-ready-for-work playlist. Watch out world!

  • Thanks for the mood adjuster