Knit to This: Yo-Yo Ma and Ennio Morricone

By Kay Gardiner
August 17, 2019

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  • I needed this.

  • Awoke to news that I became a Great Aunt to twin girls, (the 1st grandchildren of my brother in law) along with this gorgeous piece of music. Bittersweet music like the feelings I felt knowing these two wee girls arrived into the world just a year after my sister in law’s passing. My husband and his brother are celebrating but also greatly missing their beloved older sister. Immediately pulled out my needles and yarn and began a pair of socks.

    • Lyn, my heartfelt congratulations and condolences go out to you and your family. Those socks will be special because you are using them to help yourself knit happiness and grief together.

    • My all-time favorite cd!

    • Thank you for sharing this amazing music. Yo-Yo Ma makes me pine for a happier world.

      Is it okay if I needlepoint to it instead of knitting? Lol.

  • I have enjoyed this recording for many years. Gabriel’s Oboe (from the Mission) is exquisite. And if you haven’t seen the movie Cinema Paridiso, you should. Not as easy to knit with since it has subtitles, but still worth it. A great recommendation.!

  • If you can’t get enough this, there are also a few wonderful volumes of Itzhak Perlman playing movie music. The CDs are up there with the Kathleen’s Cookies Cookbook in the list of things that my sister and I regularly steal from each other.

  • Sure way to ease in to my day. Thank you.

  • Beautiful. Thank you. It’s available for Prime members, so I have added it to my phone.

    • Really? I have to figure that out.

  • Spectacular album. Thank you for sharing it. Music is so powerful and healing.

  • I adore Yo-Yo Ma and thanks so very much for the heads up on this work

  • OMG you are so right. Now I want the whole album. that could be intoxicating to sit and knit to.

  • Thank you so very much. Peace, love and happiness. ❤

  • What a gift. Thank You for sharing.

    • I agree

  • Thanks for sharing. It is so beautiful.

    • Beautiful love UKULELE HOLLY

  • Kay,
    I am thrilled beyond words in listening to this beautiful melody and at the same time thanking you for bringing together for us, Yo-Yo Ma and maestro Morricone to melt our hearts.

  • I listen to this while working at my desk. This music is soul-stirring. To knit by would be …….words couldn’t describe…❤️

  • Funny that you should suggest this music which is/was playing in the background as I am processing today’s emails. I absolutely adore this album and have for several years – but then yoyo doing anything at all is usually wonderful! Hope other people listen to this wonderful album!!

  • Quick question: did anyone else not get Snippets this morning. I missed it. 🙂

  • Saved this for tonight’s dinner music. So happy to hear my favorite Morricone score—Cinema Paradiso—my all-time favorite movie.

  • Thank you for sharing this glorious music! I could feel my blood pressure lower with each note. Full disclosure – I am crocheting, not knitting right now.

  • Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  • This is one of my favorite Yo-Yo albums of all time (and as a cellist, I have many). It’s breathtakingly beautiful. Someday I’ll learn to play it myself. 🙂

  • Merci mille fois my friend.

  • I’ve adored this album for years. Its perfection!

    • *It’s

  • This album makes me cry. First and only that has ever had that impact throughout. Lovely, lovely, lovely. Perfect suggestion, but please suggest Kleenex to keep yarn free from tears. Or, on second thought, maybe not.

    • Just adding a suggestion-please give YoYo Ma and his Silkroad albums a listen. We have seen them three times in person. The music is extraordinary and as moving and haunting as the most splendid music collaboration under discussion.

  • Thank you!

  • How beautiul! Thank you!

  • I bought this album when our chamber orchestra played a few of these pieces. We can’t play together right now but this brings back great memories so thank you for that. It’s also really good to listen to while knitting!