From Santa Fe, a New Yarn

By Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne
July 8, 2019

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  • These are beautiful! The names are too!

  • I absolutely love Amor as a person and as a dyer. I met her at my first VKL, my first big knitting event. I didn’t know much about yarn back then, and I was nevous going into booths, but as soon as I entered hers, I felt comfortable and welcome. She put me at ease. It makes me so happy that she is part of the MDK family.

    • Oh, like the MDK ladies and you, I met Amor at Stitches West some years ago and was enchanted by her spirit and her yarns. I made a point to go to her store the next time I was in Santa Fe and came home with some Crave of my very own. What a wonderful tribute to have people love you at first meeting…and it just goes with her name!

  • Wow!

  • Two words: Gorge, us.

  • Lovely yarn and lovely shawl! Now to decide on colors….. Be sure to remind us when time gets near!

    • Wow! Another finger-twitching, heart thumping yarn and knit along announcement!

  • Definitely drool worthy!!!!

  • Done! This will be my knitting project when go to Sicily on Sept 17th. Can’t wait!

  • Incredible color range!

  • Last summer I knit Cecelia Campochiaro’s Corrugated Wrap from your Field Guide No. 5: Sequences in Caravan. You are right: women approach me and automatically put out their hands to caress the wonderful yarn. It is so soft and luxurious. The fiber is doubly pleasurable in both the knitting and the wearing.

  • Beautiful yarn! Couldn’t resist . Waiting for the pattern and knit along despite e the fact that I have not run out of projects Is it gluttony?

    • Well If It Is gluttony, at least humans cannot gain an ounce because of it!!! I like to think of It as Never being without something to do and share that Is totally Worthwhile!!! Even though my backroom Is Bursting!!! While forever (silently) chanting this prayer… Good Lord Above Please allow me to stay and finish what Looks to be unfinishable. (Maybe for my yarns sake, I should be looking for an heir!!!)

  • I am not a shawl person, but I do like cowls and these yarns are very tempting. Any chance of putting together a cowl package with smaller skeins? Anyone want to sell me their leftovers after making a shawl?

  • I’ve been to Amor’s shop in Santa Fe. Her yarns are truly lushious. I couldn’t resist!

  • Alliteration, Linger, and Sherlock….. what a beautiful combination that would be! I do not need more yarn OR another KAL!

  • Ohh, I am intrigued by the Color palette and design elements of this collaboration!

    First, I would appreciate a frontal view of the piece before determining how the design drapes from the opposing view.

    Secondly, while I adore and appreciate Amor’s color combos on a lovely base fiber, my desire for my perfect “trio” is rarely offered by IDYs:
    •tonal charcoal,
    •dusty pink &
    •subtle black.

    My journey online seeking the illusive shade of pink has proven to be complicated… not a rose, nor a pastel, that “perfect” pink shade variation continues to allure me as I search for its unique shade in the autumn years of my life.

    Yes, pink is a color that seems to look appropriate against young girls’ skin tones which becomes increasingly complex to flatter as someone ages.

    One only needs to look at any makeup display to appreciate the strides the makeup industry has taken to offer a spectrum of pink to the increasingly selective consumers that know what they want if its made available to them once they see it.

    My decision to return to Maryland Sheep and Wool in May 2019 was to see-color and feel-fiber in person in hope my trio with pink would be available. Artisans were devoid of the color palette my minds-eye was seeking.

    I am back home in Florida now processing a fleece, (currently in the carding phase) while I should be spinning based upon Tour de “Fleece” is underway!

    If Amor is open to collaboration with an ole gal seeking a vision that she would love to witness as a reality, feel free to share my post.

    Otherwise, I will continue to seek my ever illusive Color palette, which to-date I have been unable to Find available.
    Sincerely, Judy

    • Tonal charcoal, dusty pink, and subtle black – I am IN!

  • Beautiful Colors

  • I used Caravan to make Isabell Kraemer’s Santa Fe shrug – it’s a really gorgeous yarn. You can see it here

  • Gosh, too hard to choose! I may close my eyes and point–there is no going wrong with these gorgeous colors!

  • Beautiful

  • Do you know when the pattern will be available? I just checked on Ravelry and it’s not posted yet.

  • Beautiful colours & wool I wish we got this in South Africa where I live