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  • I would love to see some samples of these yarns knitted up to get a better idea of what the finished fabric looks like.

    • Exactly. The color mixes are extraordinary but I have experienced too many surprises in the past with gorgeous hand-painted skeins, especially those with short color runs, that knitted up into mottled, spotty disappointments. A few stockinette and garter stitch swatches would be helpful.

      • I’m in the same boat, kind of. I wish I could see the untwisted skein, so I can tell if the various sections are yards and yards long, or inches long. I know I can search on the yarn in Ravelry, and find relevant projects, but find myself wishing for something … Easier.

    • Another vote for swatches. If Kim wanted volunteers to knit them, I’m sure she’d have no trouble finding volunteers!

    • There are a few in this post: https://www.moderndailyknitting.com/confessions-of-a-sock-making-fool/

  • Okay, I give up. I have been hovering over these yarns for days, but this really put me over the top. They are just beautiful!

  • They are spectacular. Such talent with colour.

  • Your yarns are lovely…. and as a knitter who has been buying hand dyed yarns for a few years now I have noticed there seems to be a pattern to how the skeins ‘look’. I’m wondering if there is any rhyme or reason to how the color is applied and is there a format for knowing what the yarn may look like as a finished piece when you set out to apply the color? So interesting!!!

    • Ann and Kay, if you’re listening this would be such a helpful article! I took a class a few years ago about deliberate color pooling and it did teach me a bit about how to analyze a hand-dyed skein, but it’s something I wish I knew more about.

  • Such beautiful colorways. Can’t wait until my skein of Mulberry Patch arrives.

  • Kim is a sweetheart local to us, and I have known her since just after she began dyeing yarn. Her yarn is lovely! She deserves great success as she works very hard and is very good at high-quality, consistent dyeing.

  • So very glad to see Kim Formica and Barnyard Knits get this kind of exposure. My LYS introduced me to Kim and her yarn almost two years ago and she quickly became a favorite. Her colorways are magical and the yarn is great. My best socks are Barnyard Knits.

    • Hi do you have a sample sock picture to share as an example of what this yarn is capable of doing? Thanks so much❤️

  • Kim’s colors are inspirational. What a joy to read and see this post on a gloomy morning in New England. I haven’t seen Barnyard Knits before, thank you MDK for introducing me to them.
    On a personal note, Kim’s story touched my heart. My Mom was born February 13 and passed from breast cancer too young at 53 y.o. How wonderful, that Kim’s creations evolved from her loss.
    Thank you again MDK I look forward to ordering some Barnyard knits yarn.

  • Barnyard Knits has the best colours out there!! I dye yarn myself (just for my own use) and I know how tricky it is to get the colors you want AND to be able to replicate those colours. Fantastic job, Kim.

  • I am a knitter who named their business in the memory of their mom. I will be ordering some yarns from you. I know your work is good.

  • If you use the Yarns feature on Ravelry you can see a lot of items made with her yarn. So choose Yarns, type in Barn…etc., choose the weight you need (fingering, DK, etc.) then choose Projects. You will come across several where Barnyard Knits is just one of several used in a project. That can still be helpful. You can also whittle your search down further by typing in your chosen colorway in the advanced search window, although that doesn’t always yield any results, but it’s worth a try.

    • Oh, thank you, Chloe — excellent idea. I’m just back from a deep plunge into the projects and yes, it was helpful.

  • you have inspired me to try the adventures of colourful dying. we just sent about 400 kilos of wool to be processed that will equal 200 kilos of finished yarn, that should get me started!