Mavis Staples

By Kay Gardiner
May 25, 2019

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  • This is me being jealous you saw her live – Mavis Staples is the bomb!

  • I have her recording of Love And Trust bookmarked on my YouTube list. Love that song and her music!

  • WOW! Mavis Staples & Jon Batiste-WOW & all the others.

  • Mavis Staples is amazing! I saw her perform with Bob Dylan. Two more different people would be difficult to find. It was a great concert. She provided the joy.


  • There’s a great documentary called Mavis on HBO.

  • Saw her at the Ace in LA last Wednesday,
    and yes. I love her to pieces.

  • No words I am so jealous! How great. Thanks for the video!

  • That particular song by John Prine got me through the darkest days of my divorce about 20 years ago. I’d pop the tape into the tape player and off to work

  • Love, love, love Mavis Staples : )