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  • fashion-forward ! live

  • Wow. These are quite a crop of winners. Noten and Rockefeller Center really have my attention and I will favorite them. But I no longer have the fingers or figure for these interesting tops and knitting garments for others is perilous. I need something short and sweet and clever but simple. Will you be doing accessories? I can’t remember from previous years if this is a March Madness category. P.S. It puzzles me how the term ‘tunic’ (Tulip) went from meaning mid-thigh to what used to be called regular sweater-length. Are mid-thigh-length things now considered caftans? Everything is relative I know but things are getting far too loosey-goosey for me. What does Anything mean any more??

    • What’s a tunic? We’re seeing what we think of as a tunic listed as a dress. And it’s often being worn with leggings. As a former elementary teacher I just love the leggings with tunic option for girls instead of what you and I would call a dress with leotards as it gives the little girls so much more freedom as they move, play and sit cross-legged.
      I think slim people like a pared-down shape to their tunics and aren’t trying to cover tummy, butt and upper thighs exposed by leggings… so the hemline rises!
      I love so many pieces on the list and wish I had more time or that I were a faster knitter. Next year—what about a men’s pullover/ cardigan category?

    • I hear you. I have a disproportionally long torso, and am also well endowed, so the current style of cropped tops often ends an inch or two *above* my belly button. However, adding length is usually a pretty simple modification— I can see myself making Widow’s Kiss and just adding a couple cable repeats to get the length I need.

      I am intrigued by several of these designs, but as a slow knitter with 3 sweaters in my queue and one on the needles I also need to be a little sensible. Oh, but those foxes…

      • Yes! I have a long torso, full bust AND broad shoulders. Often, “regular” length shirts and sweaters are too short on me, and I find that longer is always better. I tend to dismiss the cropped styles as “not for me,” but you make a good point about how easy it is to add rows to some designs.

  • Oh, whoops. Head and Shoulders is a category. Can’t wait.

  • Too many choices

  • I would have thought Nurtured by Andrea Mowry would have been in the mix. I love that one, made it for my daughter.

  • Currently making ‘Papa,” LOVE IT!! such FUN.

  • One of my friends in our knitting group and I are comparing picks. Fun!

  • Fantastic collection! Often even within one pattern! Amazing what a difference color can make. More than usual I’ve found the mods in projects to be so helpful & more often than not they were given as options by designer. Excellent design trend. Or perhaps maybe just excellent curation?