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  • It was a truly wonderful weekend. Also a huge shout out to Periwinkle Sheep – Karin and Amy and Tina. I’m not sure if it was Amy or Tina who helped me choose yarn for my Liberty Wool pullover, but even in a crazy booth, she took the time to help me figure out how many skeins I needed, we examined samples to see that the cables had great stitch definition even on the darker colors, and helped compare skeins to choose the most similar ones. I can’t wait to work again with Karin’s yarn. Also always lots of love for my LYS Knitty City.

    • So much love to you Christine!!! Can’t wait to see your sweater. You’re such a beautiful knitter.

  • Thank you for the vicarious visit! It clearly was all great fun!

  • Looks like a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there, but family came first.

  • Where was the white gown with the crown? I am going to NYC in March and would love to see that exhibit as I am an heirloom sewer as well as a knitter. Thank you so much!

  • Wow! So that’s what Liberty Tree looks like w/o bobbles–I love it. And that’s what the Caplet looks like made into a sweater–now I won’t have to do it myself! And there’s Anne’s jacket, I think–it must be finished. And there she is wearing Ann Weaver’s nine-patch shawl! And, and, . . ! I wish I’d gone too.

  • wish I could have been there so many friends I have not yet met.xxxxxx

  • I am so jelly. love NYC, love yarning!

    • Thank You for the exciting pictures of a terrific time. I been to NYC July 2007, not knowing about such yarn fun! I will make it my plan to get there someday.

  • I LOVE the pictures!! So glad you both had a wonderful time! Your daily emails bless me every day… I am so glad that I am NOT alone in my yarn obsession. Never been to NYC but that looks mighty appealing!!

  • Next year!!

  • Thank YOU for taking time out of your busy schedule and spending time in our booth!! All the Field Guides were a great hit and I predict many participants in the KAL. 🙂

    • Your gorgeous samples made ME want to join the KAL and I was already fully committed to the KAL. Some beautiful banging-out is going to be happening.

  • It made my day to see the joy, creativity, and variety of our giant knitting community!

  • Proof that knitters know how to party!

  • That deep red/orange? cardi made without a pattern is stunning!! Looks like a great time was had by all 🙂 Sorry you had to take home a souvenir cold Ann:( Get well soon.

  • It was a treat to meet you all! Ann, get rid of that NYC cold! See you next year for the full show, classes and all!

  • Fan-girling like crazy! So glad you all had such a good time!

  • Love that sharp snap of the Liberty Tree – I would love to continue a 2-stitch leg of two, no three, cable sections for random lengths down the back of the sweater. Dunno why. Just would 🙂

  • Reeder pattern Reeder pattern Reeder pattern Reeder pattern Reeder pattern please? (I don’t see it on Ravelry.)

  • I love the postcards from NYC. what is the name of the white sweater pattern with the color work on the yoke and on the sleeve?

    • That’s the Hadley Pullover by Veronik Avery. It appears in our MDK Field Guide No. 2: Fair Isle. You can read more about the pattern on Ravelry: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hadley-pullover

    • That’s me, in my Hadley! My first sweater. Easy, thanks to clear instructions. Go for it.

  • Thanks for posting all the fabulous pictures!!!

    • I wish we had more–it’s hard to remember to take pix with so much going on!

  • Are there many things that are better than seeing a huge crowd of diverse and gorgeous knitters and projects? Hopefully one of these years I will be in NYC for this.
    I Rhinebecked for the first time this last Oct, and wow – being surrounded by knitters at least as obsessed as me was a treat I never fully anticipated! Such a joy!

  • Love the version of the sweater in blues in your photo toggles and carpet…do you know what yarn was used?

    • That’s the Eastwind Jacket from Emily Foden’s Knits About Winter. I finished it just in time to wear it. The yarns are Viola Yarns Persephone helps with Viola Yarns Mohair Lace. I loved making this so much!

  • Can someone tell me how to pronounce Norah Gaughan’s last name? I was at her lecture but I missed her into and I hate mispronouncing it, even in my head.

    • Rhymes with “fawn,” pretty much!

  • Wait, I spy Lincoln Center …
    Sure wish I had been a part of that subway ride …. knitters on a train. Knitters swipping Metrocards at Times Square …instead I was doing the motherly thing and sitting at Youngest’s Senior Swim Meet, inhaling chlorine and not yarn fumes. (until Sunday)

    On the same note … I always find it interesting to see what trends there are … speckled yarns were truly huge. No one pattern overall … but lots of asymmetry.

    It was so much fun! (I was there Sunday, and yes that hotel is just so Portman … lines for the elevators … we used the escalators out). So sorry I missed you … Hope MMM is better and that Anne got to visit a child in between yarn sightings.

  • I love Amy Reeder’s hat! Perfect for the arctic cold some of us are experiencing right now and stylish, too!

  • Hi Ann,
    It’s Cindy – the woman who stalked you into the loo at the Nashville Airport, on your return from NYC. I sure hope the cold is getting better.
    You and Kay keep up the good work!!!! We need you in these times.
    Your friend in NOLA (and Maine).