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  • I feel really, really stupid but I cannot find the voting link…

    • Look just before the pictures start – Cast your vote here- in bright letters. 🙂

    • Click on the heading “Cast Your Vote Here”, 🙂

    • I’m with you Debb12, I couldn’t find it either. Just another one of those headings that the eye skims right over! Thanks Dawn.

  • LOVE this concept! Next year how about adding a sock category?

    • Yes, adding a sock category is a great idea!

  • I voted, it’s a good year for the European designers 🙂

  • I wish they could each win for their category and not then have a grand champion, like a dog show. These are all such different and unique designs.

    • And then have*

  • So cool. All four of my picks are in the final. Why doesn’t this work for lotto? And how do you just choose one? They are all terrific.

  • It’s so difficult to choose ONE! I do want to knit these four. Well done, designers! You are all winners.

  • Just one? NOOOOOO!

  • I can’t go wrong here! These are my four faves from the last round. Well, can’t go wrong anyway…just as in love with many I didn’t vote for. A great win-win MDK…thank you!

  • I love this game. And I love how it caused so many of the patterns you chose to make the Raverly “Pattern Box.” Talk about the power of MDK! Brava!