Video: Garter Tab Cast On

By Ann Shayne
March 12, 2018

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  • Wow I going to practice this til I get it. Thank you

  • I wonder if this technique would be easier to start on straight needles and then switch to circular when it has been established ?

  • Brilliant technique! I now feel like I can knit a shawl from the middle! I’ve been to frustrated with the messy beginnings to try it.

  • Brilliant technique and Jen’s a wonderful teacher. Also if someone would take out their mom voice and remind me that I may not quit my job this minute and just spend the rest of my days knitting, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  • I’m leaving Denver to return to the most beautiful place in the Country which is the Oregon Coast and at the age of almost 70, I’m taking only the things that will fit in my old Honda CRV and having one project will be perfect because I don’t have to make any decisions and I’m going to be a Blind Follower as EZ would have said.Perfect timing and the perfect project will help me leave my birth home to return to my ❤️ home. Starting over as I approach 70.Yarn, clothes,books and my wonderful dog and the inheritance that will give me my life without regrets

  • Thank you as always sharing wonderful tips.