Alice Loves Roger

By Kay Gardiner
January 24, 2018

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  • OMG the Roger is in your size! It is absolutely beautiful and of course I am jealous.

    • Expect to see it a lot in the neighborhood (by which I mean Knitty City).

  • I like Look #3 best. Beautiful sweater on a lovely lady..

    • Thank you, Robin!

  • My nonno preferred to stand by and watch the bocce with a cigarette in his bocchino, directing the others in play. (He used a cigarette holder, he said, because his doctor told him to stay “far” from smoking.) Roger looks great on you!

  • It’s perfect, and perfect on you!! I love the pockets.

  • Kay and Roger, absolutely gorgeous!

  • Kay, you look wonderful in your new cardigan! Alice is just lovely to work with, yet the thought of Roger in Donegal Tweed has my mind whirling quite a bit…

    • I kind of want to knit one. If a person can have a two car garage, I can have a two car(digan) closet, no?

  • I love that sweater! It’s just perfect!

  • Perfect sweater for you.

  • I love granddad sweaters–I have an authentic collection from my own grandpa, Dad, and father-in-law (I “borrow” with acquisitional intent).

    I’ve never knit one for myself, but I must, must, MUST have a Roger!

    • Years ago I knit my own Portly Dad a cardigan with this rib stitch pattern and raglan sleeves, from a vintage pattern booklet passed on to me by a Rowanette (Yvonne Davies), in a Rowan yarn that I can’t remember the name of, but I can remember that the color was a charcoal called “Shark.” I hope my mom didn’t donate it to the Goodwill! It would be far too large for me (I had to improvise gussets, a feat of which I was very proud at the time), but I have a 19 year old boy who is not getting any smaller and perhaps one day would like a vintage granddad cardi from his own granddad.

  • Roger is perfect. I love him.

  • Nonno playing bocce look! This is a brilliant coinage.

  • There is so much to love here: Nell, your pattern is adorable and timeless and makes the most of a gorgeous stitch pattern. (A sequence! Wait–EVERYthing’s a sequence, or maybe I’m just getting blurry eyed.) The Alice yarn is deployed to excellent effect here. I am sad only that it’s going to be gone before I can get my grubby mitts on it. And Kay, you’re wearing it like a professional. So cozy, such a forever thing. Love it!

  • I adore a granddad cardigan. I made my favorite one four years ago and wear it more than anything else. I’m loving this Roger; I’m thinking I need one too. And it looks perfect on you.

  • Wow! I’m in love with Roger.

  • Only one thing more lovely than Roger, Liberty fabrics ❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!!

  • Oh, Roger that! Love, love, love this. Beautiful yarn, sheep! Beautiful knitting, Nell! Beautiful styling, Kay! What pockets!

  • Yummy! And oh those pockets!

  • Aaack, what a fab cardi! Looks great on you, too. Love those pockets….a must try.

  • I so LOVE granddad cardigans that when I decided to make my first sweater this year, it was the first thing I wanted to do. I used the Harebell pattern by Amy Christoffers. I picked a dark grey wool Berroco yarn, and it was wonderful and easy to make. As I got about 2/3 down the body, I realized I needed to add some stripes, so put some wide light grey stripes on lower body section, then thinner light grey and mustard stripes on the sleeves. It came out just a bit wonky, which I know blocking will fix – but as soon as it was off the needles I just needed to wear it immediately. I have been wearing 3-4 times a week all winter, the plackets are curling as I never blocked (maybe in the spring I’ll get to that) – it turned into a retro varsity-sweater-looking granddad cardigan. I love it so much, my second sweater was a granddad cardigan for my friend’s newborn (Baby Sophisticate pattern) – I cant get enough granddad cardigans on/off my needles! The Roger is absolutely perfect – I hope you’ll be playing bocce in it soon.

    • I had to go look up Harebell.

      What a long, lean, lovely cardi! A perfect canvas for some stripes.

  • The pockets! While reading, I was shouting (in my head), “show me the pockets!!!” And, bam, there it was.

  • It is Perfection. (And, oh man. Those pockets.) (I think I’m drooling.)

  • Fabulous!

  • I love Nell’s “Hand Knit by” labels! Where could I order some?

    • When I commented on them, Nell said she’s had these labels for 30 years. Surely she exaggerates? I think if you google custom clothing labels you should find similar ones pretty easily. They are evergreen!

  • Beautiful sweater. And I love Nell’s labels – I have a lifetime supply of the same model.

    • It was so fun to find the label inside the pocket!

  • I took a sweater class last year with Nell at New River Fiber when she was living in VA. I made her Roger sweater using a worsted weight yarn (I have to look for the label). I never finished it b/c I was searching for just the right buttons. I just pulled it out the other day as I was cleaning my craft closet. It is a beautiful sweater, probably the best fit I have ever knitted. I have found good buttons and will post a photo when I have finished adding the buttons and pockets and buried the yarn ends
    . I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SWEATER PATTERN! It was a fun quick knit.

  • I love this cardi, and love this post, especially the link to the Portly Dad post of old. What did you ever decide about the gussets for his sweater? Is there a picture of him in it?
    I’m still wearing my Grandmom sweater, that I insisted on having when she was gone. My mom
    (the knitter of said cardi) put some elbow patches on it and gave it to me. Sweaters hold the love really well!

    • Hi Carol! Thank you so much for asking about the Portly Dad cardi, as it sent me hunting in the archives, where I came up with this post explaining how I made the gussets and showing Dad doing a fit modeling session. I’m pretty sure I have a picture of him wearing it when it was finished but haven’t found that one yet. Here’s the article about the gussets:

      • Hooray for the archives! your gussets are amazing (although I must admit that I was hoping that you had settled, after all, for a chain mail gusset, in keeping with your Dad’s Viking roots). I too have Viking blood, since both parents hailed from Nebraska. This whole series of posts is such a sweet tribute to your dad.
        I’m all inspired now; I’m off to pick out yarn for a baby granddad for the youngest in the family. I’m leaning toward an Elwood.

  • Love your Roger! BUT, what lovely thing is it sitting on in the top picture??? Love the colors and the perfect mitered corners.

    • A giant mitered blanket that I never quite finished!