New and Noteworthy: Eclectic Gift Books of December

By Kay Gardiner
December 4, 2017

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  • Thank you for this article and the recommendation for the lovely books that make my mouth water. Though just a quick reminder to say that Dries Van Noten is actually Belgian and not Dutch.

    Love your articles, they always make my day, thanks!

    • O crap Ann is going to kill me! [runs off to edit the text]

      • Even more embarrassing than getting the designer’s nationality wrong is that I persist in thinking Antwerp is in the Netherlands. Thank you for the correction!

        • An error that takes us right back to M. Poirot from yesterday. ‘Excuse me Sir, I am not French…..’. Poor Belgians, always mistaken for someone else!

      • Dries forgives all. Dries wants only for us to wear beautiful brocades and military-inspired jackets and prints with palm trees and sweaters with pearls and [runs off to book ticket to Antwerp, The Netherlands Or Wherever]

        • Flanders. Let’s go to Flanders.

  • What was the David Bowie book?

    • It’s called David Bowie Is.

      A wonderful book that is older than I’d realized; it’s the catalog for the Victoria & Albert Museum exhibition on him a few years ago.

  • I hesitate to add this book, but when it arrived in my mailbox this week I was swept away by its photography of textured surfaces, not to mention the design work and intention within. It certainly has reached the realm of coffee table book, as well as art book and knitting book. Let me add Bristol Ivy’s new Knitting Outside the Box to the list, published by Pompom Press.

    • Love Bristol’s designs. I hadn’t see this book…thanks for enabling!

      • ….and Jen Geigley! ohhohhohh

    • I completely agree. The new Bristol Ivy book is amazing!!! I want to knit it all and the quality of the book itself is to die for. Even the cover is made to feel good in your hands.

  • Loved this round up! ( I am in deep on the coffee table book team). I love looking through them in bookstores when choosing gifts. There was an exhibit of Josef & Anni Albers in the Americas at Yale U Art Gallery earlier this year, if it reappears anywhere, don’t miss it. xox

  • Alexy Titarenko: The City is a Novel
    (beautiful photographs of St. Petersburg, Venice, Havana and New York)

  • Does anyone remember the episode of Seinfeld that had Kramer creating a coffee table book that had little legs and turned into a coffee table…? A hoot of an episode if ever there was one!

  • Thank you for linking to that June Julia Farwell-Clay post: what the heck was I doing that day that I missed it? Gah, gorgeous.

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  • My good friend is a Thrift store fiend. Thursday she presented me with two books that are entitled Mason-Dixon knitting, and have all of these wonderful patterns and photos. They are big with colorful photos. I believe these must be from you all from some years ago??