Introducing: Backyard Fiberworks

By Ann Shayne
October 20, 2017

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  • I met Alice at a Trunk Show at my LYS and not only is her yarn a delight, she is genuine, unassuming, and down-to-earth. Yanked up 2 skeins and they’re a joy to work with. Lovely colors here too. Will muse this weekend which to add to my armory.

  • One Thin Dime! I’m a sucker for grays and clever names.

    • That’s the one that grabbed me, too! Love the name and the color.

  • Yowza, with colors like that, Alice will have trouble taking over the world! I’m drooling on my keyboard.

  • I think the Pumpkin is my favourite too. Gorgeous colours!

  • I fell for n love with Backyard Fiberworks at MDSW! Her greens are fabulous!

  • Oh you have to stop this! You are killing me with beautiful yarns in sublime colours that I want to buy all of. But I can’t knit fast enough and the import taxes are too much to make this a habit. I guess I have to give up my job and move to the US then? Got space in your spare room, I’m only small?!?!

  • I was introduced to BackYard Fiberworks and Alice at MDSW. She is absolutely delightful and her yarns are sublime. There is something magical about the yarn in hand and the beautiful saturated colors. I am hooked. I just finished a shawl and can’t wait to cast on the next project. Don’t miss out!

  • I’m going to call my Stashes Anonymous sponsor. You guys are such enablers. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

  • I agree that Alice is as appealing as her yarn!
    Her talent for saturated color is outstanding.
    I have an assortment of her colors (and bases) in my stash and love each and every handdyed skein

  • So beautiful! Pumpkin is my favorite, too! But Wine Dark Sea is also lovely, and how about that Inkling?

  • Local honey — she’s paired the perfect name with a gorgeous color… I am smitten!

  • So glad those of us not at Rhinebeck have these beautiful alternatives – love these colors!

  • Have you seen “Mittens from Around Norway”? O.M.G.—all of these colors are crying out to be knit into very traditional Norwegian mittens.

  • Egads… heartstoppingly gorgeous!!

  • I didn’t know anything about Alice or her work until I saw her at Stitches Midwest. Her colors are fabulous (and so is she). I bought Deep Creek, a luscious blue, for a lightweight poncho. It’s a joy to knit and to admire while it’s resting in my knitting basket.

  • Great names and so glad to see a decent green. Well done!

  • Pumpkin is luscious!

  • These colors are soooooooo luscious. And so nicely coordinated, too. Yum!

    • I totally agree! *Sigh*

  • Interestingly, Homer’s winner dark sea was blue, just like ours, there just wasn’t a word to express that color. The research on how languages as color names is fascinating.

  • Love blues! Inkling is it!!! As in…I have an inkling!!!

  • Pumpkin, wine dark sea, honey.

  • I love the pumpkin. We have earth tone colors. Still looking for the perfect pillow to make.