How to MDK: A User Manual

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
July 5, 2017

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  • Love everything you do! Thanks so much!

  • Question: what’s the best place here to request products? Asking for a friend who didn’t move fast enough on that Lichen & Lace in Pressed Wildflowers…

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  • Always learn something new and interesting

  • Love your website and thanks for the great ideas and inspiration!

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  • Love everything about your site!

  • These days I say, “I read about this on MDK,” almost as often as I say, “I heard about this on NPR.” Thank you for the website!

  • Thanks for posting this. Your site has been an inspiration for not only awesome yarn but inspirational discussions.

  • Welcome Newbies! I love the mix of things that appears here. I forward bits to non-knitters too.

  • More knitting, I may take early retirement yet!

  • I’m an old knitter but a newbie with you.
    Bring it on!

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  • Even a long-time reader like me is glad to have this overview. I liked the blog when it was simply a random letter from one of you to the other; it was like standing within hearing range of two really popular girls whom everyone liked, and they liked me enough to include me in their conversation now and then. When you went all Big Time and Serious, I was quite lost for a while, and I still have trouble with the search feature, which thinks it knows what I want. I may know what I’m looking for, but haven’t a clue where to look for it. So this message will be archived, and I will go on struggling with my Granito (I wish there were a 24/7 help line in the Lounge so my problems would be solved instantly.) (Not really.)

  • I just got your book ‘The Curious Knitters’ Guide’ from the library – I love it! I’d like to receive your daily emails. Thanks!

  • I’m grateful for the time, energy and passion you have put into MDK- it’s a knitting place like no other. its more than knitting- I especially appreciate the self care and cooking articles. You guys are geniuses, and I feel lucky to be one of many beneficiaries of that genius. Thank you, thank you Ann and Kay. You make me smile everyday.

  • Love love love you two! I refer to y’all so often in conversation that dear hubby thought for a while you were members of my local knit group. I think he was a little stunned that you didn’t show up in pix of our Knit in Public event!

    • We were there! lol!

  • I organized my stash yesterday and was surprised by the large number of MDK yarns everywhere — lots of remnants and yarns yet to be knit. Thanks for your hard work on the new site. Reading it is such a pleasant way to start each day.

  • I am thankful for having come upon your website. It’s awesome.

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  • I’m looking forward to reading you regularly!

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  • Love MDK

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  • Yep, I stumbled and went down the rabbit holes, enjoying the journey! Thank you for being out there.

  • Thank you! I’m a new reader is really enjoying your website.

  • Your knits are always gorgeous! Thanks for all you do

  • The original website had a feature that allowed reading all of the letters “from the beginning”, which was arranged chronologically. I can’t find that with the new website. If it’s here, how do I access it? If it’s not here, is there a chance that we’ll get it back? Thanks.

  • Whew! I was afraid I was doing it wrong!

  • I so enjoy snippets so would love to get daily tidbits.

  • This sounds great.

  • I do go to MDK every morning! Thanks so much for sharing your passions, smiling sun with sunglasses emoji!

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  • Thank you for this overview and opportunity to get reminded to visit the blog

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  • I’m grumpy in the mornings until I’ve had my coffee and MDK.

  • This is a great explanation of the new website and I expect to have better luck finding older articles. I have followed MDK for a long time now, at least 10 years I think, and it is a great way to start the day. Keep up the great work!!

  • Looking forward to learning more.

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  • I would like to get your daily posts. I love your site.

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  • So enjoy ur books, and now I can get lost on ur site for hrs at a time! Tnx.

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  • Your Saturday emails start my weekend with a bang – now to get the dailies. Thanks for the tips, entertainment, and love of knitting.

  • Look so forward to the Newsletter every Saturday. one if my favorite sites.

  • I had been a long time reader but (and this is kind of embarrassing to admit) can’t seem to find the feature I want most – which is how to page through the letters in simple chronological order – so have largely given up. Sort of hoped the How-to Guide would tell me. Oh well. I do miss you guys, so if another email notice is the way to go, sign me up.

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  • As much as I enjoy your new website, I miss being able to scroll through the columns in chronological order. I will often remember something that was written in a previous week–but then am unable to find it.

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  • Please send the daily email. This is the most awesome site ever!!

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  • The yarns are beautiful, excited to find a new place!


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  • Always fun to read about fibers and how to play with them.

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  • Have loved MDK for years and made more than one garter stitch patchwork blanket.

  • Completed the Hadley pullover with you and had a wonderful time!! I’m ready for the daily newsletter and more good times!!!

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  • This is so much fun! Thank you for inspiration….

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  • I’d love to have the daily email. I can read it right after the weather and the daily poem from the Writer’s Almanac. Thanks for Snippets. You guys rock.

  • Love what you do for the knitting world!

  • Long-time fangirl here, going back to when you started the MDK blog. SO glad to rediscover your voice and see how MDK’s evolved. Snippets makes my Saturday mornings, looking forward to following along with everything new MDK. Congratulations!

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  • Yes! I wondered why I wasn’t getting the daily nudge anymore. Now I won’t have to binge on Saturdays!

  • I’ve been feeling guilty about neglecting my knitting lately (like there’s nothing more logical to beat myself up about); reading you guys is the next best thing, and every day is even better.

  • Somewhat along the way, I lost my daily MDK! My days will now be complete with your posts. The American Flag quilt is beautiful.

  • Thank you for the tutorial! It finally makes sense to me…

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  • Your first MDK book was my first knitting book. Excited to read more MDK!

  • Thanks….looking forward to seeing what you’ve got going on!

  • Love knitting

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  • I’m glad I’ve found this. It looks like knitterly fun.

  • Just cannot get enough of you & your kind, Ann & Kay. xo

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    [email protected]

  • Silly mistake…I wanted the latest field guide for the slip stitch hat. Ordered through the shop this morning and don’t know where to find it! Should have hpjust ordered through Ravelry, at least I know how that works.
    Help please.
    Beverly near Yosemite (sierraspinknit on Rav)

  • I have always been a “weird kid “ and I enjoy knitting gauge swatches, starting with one size , knitting a few rows, putting in a purl row, changing needles and you get the picture. Knowing your yarn before the project is helpful because it’s just play after all and not brain surgery.

  • Last year at Knitting with Friends (Bainbridge Island, WA) I sat next to this nice lady at dinner. We struck up a conversation about knitting (of course) and as it progressed I finally asked her name and what she did for a living. To my surprise, I was sitting next to Kay. What a fun evening. Poor woman, by the time dinner was over I had done my best to pick her brain empty of all valuable knowledge and I’m sure she wanted to run screaming from the dining hall . I have enjoyed Snippets every Saturday. It’s my morning of complete “me time”.

    Thank you both for providing such a great place to come and enjoy our craft together.
    Linnea McNair – Gig Harbor,Wa

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  • Hi Ann and Kay. I’ve been receiving and loving Snippets for a long time but don’t get the daily newsletters. Please sign me up-love MD Knitting!!

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  • I’ve been a reader/follower of Modern Daily Knitting for a while and I appreciate the Manual introduction. Now I’m sure to be getting the most of your awesome world. If fact you’ll find me in the Lounge as I explore the Bullet Journal with you all.

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  • Can’t find where to ask about the corrugated shawl pattern in Sequences. Specifically mistaken rib k5, p2, p1 of section 10

  • Do you have anything from crocheting

  • How do I find Ann shayne blog on crave shawl done in lichen and lace colors. Thanks

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  • Wow! So much to look at and consider!!

  • When I entered my account. I misspelled my email address. I have since corrected it in my account details, but when I try to log in to the lounge, it says that a confirmation email was sent. The problem is that the email is being sent to the misspelled email address. Is there something you can do to fix this?

    Thank you

  • Nothing about knitting in this response – but that photo of the Touch & Sew booklet? What memories. Back in 1971 (distant past), I won the Singer Sewing Contest for New England when I was a rising junior in high school in Massachusetts…. And, I won a Singer Touch & Sew! Thank you for the unexpected, happy memory.

  • How have I not heard of MDK before? I’ve rediscovered my love of fiber after a 20-year hiatus. I found a Field Guide at Vogue Knitting Live, and now I am hooked!

  • I just ordered the paper version, but would like to get started on the knit along. Can I get the code to download the pattern?

  • My friend introduced me to this wonderful knitting site!
    I want to make a bundle of 3 field guides but I don’t know how to access this. Is the new Fassett (16) now included in my 3?

  • I signed up for your newsletter, now i am ready to place my order. But I did not get a code for 10%off my order. Help. Also I see the Waterfall Cowl in two colors light & dark but only the light is listed to be ordered. Will you be offering the dark (black) back round color?

  • A griend gave me a set of the first 15 field guides, inside the back cover of which there is a code to receive to receive a free digital version at However, the codes don’t work. Would really appreciate it if MDK would provide clearer instructions at their website for accessing this free digital version … and in future, provide better instructions inside the print copies.

  • I’m so impressed with your web site. So many are like an endurance contest. Excitedly awaiting my first order of a Field Guide. Thanks for all your efforts and wonderful instructions—after 25 years of knitting, still learning.

  • Hi. Love this site and I get the Saturday letters, but would love to get the daily letter too, please!

  • I am about to start my Knitting journey.
    I’ve been an obsessive crocheter for about three years. Now, I want to knit.
    I just discovered your site after reading “A Stash of One’s Own.”
    I hope this site will keep me inspired (not intimidated!) and help me as I learn to Knit.

  • I have two questions. But first I want to tell you how great the field guides are. I love looking at them and carrying them around for inspiration. However:
    1. What exactly is the download # in the back for? I know they are for a Ravelry download, but where do I enter the number? I’ve tried “add to my library” but I guess I don’t have the hang of it.
    2. Will it allow me to open the book and read the patterns? I wish to use the patterns in Knit Companion.
    3. Opps another question, sorry. I just received Log Cabin, via email in addition to a yarn purchase. I know I saw that number somewhere, but I’ve forgotten where. Once I know what the number is for, I’ll enter it into Ravelry along w/ the other 5 field guides I have.
    Thank you so much for helping this old brain.
    V/r Barbara Osterberg ([email protected])

  • I wish to knit the new GraceNotes Pullover as a vest(just leave off sleeves). Need help with how much Atlas yarn to buy for size 3(48″ finished bust). how do i figure how much yardage?