Fantasy Knitting: Six Shawls

June 16, 2017

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  • Excellent choices. Most of them are now on my queue!

  • Lovely designs these are, and almost all of them from hard working designers new to me! Thank you for shining your brilliant light into some new corners.

  • I recall Knitting In America with great fondness and still own it. The book contains a dark red sweater with buttons made of early plastic in the same color and size but different shapes I still want to make. A designer from Michigan made it and she is shown wearing it while fishing (?). Long live Knitting In America!

  • Well, Melanie, you might have a fantasy about writing your book in that Nicole Kidman dress, but only if you don’t have to lift your arms. It looks to me like she’s tied into it.

  • I’d like to knit a dress like that. Maybe with more coverage up top, though, as spaghetti straps are no longer my thing. But that floaty skirt – you could definitely do that with laceweight yarn and embellishments. Hmmm . . .

  • I am feeling Forest Mystery and Forever Summer. I can definitely see myself wearing and knitting those two.

  • Forest mystery is my choice, probably because the color already coordinates with THE DRESS! Would need something to cover all the age rings on my arms…

  • The dress is stunning!