MDK March Mayhem, Round 2: Vote

By Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner
March 20, 2017

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  • I think something might not be working correctly, I’ve voted for 4 per category and I’m getting a message for each of them – !This Question Requires an Answer.

    This is fun but tough!!!

  • I voted for four items in each group and when I clicked on done it came back saying each group needed an answer.

  • The form is not accepting any answers.

  • Same issue here – I’ll try again later. Loving this take on March Madness.

  • Sorry, there is problem with the form. I click 4 answers in each category but the system tells me that there are answers missing. And one suggestion: Why not reduce the bracket to the patterns that are still in the competition.
    And: why are some of my favourites already out.

  • Hey all! Sorry for the glitch! It’s fixed now. Go ye forth and vote!

  • Thank you, this is so much fun! Most of my first picks made it, I’m waiting anxiously for the third round!

  • Looks like problems have been fixed? No problems with my voting. Also, I may have spent way too much time agonizing over my selections! Thanks for the fun!

  • *kneeling in the rain, tearing at my teeshirt, screaming at the balcony*


    • It’s so hard!

  • Yjamks for all the time you and Ann have put into it, it’s fun! Although personally I wish something from Interpretations vol 3 had made it in. Like maybe my long top o the to knit list Breathless. No affiliation. Just an admirer. Of course, are far too many great things to knit to ev r fit in the brackets. So why am on on incarnation #3 of the same stripped odd shaped shawl?

    • I strongly believe that there is a place for repetition in one’s knitting life!

  • Voting worked for me! Also, yesterday’s video about Harris Tweed soothed my Villanova-torn heart. Excited to have this Madness too.

  • Done it!

  • Yay! No issues with voting at all. Nice to see some of my top seeds have a chance to make it through to Sweet Sixteen. And more impetus to finish my current WIP so I can Cast. On. All. The. Things!!!!!!

  • Still having so much fun with this! I was 6/8 in three categories and 4/8 in the other. (Some of us just have to find a way of keeping score.) But I’m sorry that the Art Walk Cardigan didn’t make it into the Thrilling Thirty-Two. (Think I’ll keep knitting it, though.)

    • Me too, Art Walk. I especially love mariehorner’s project on Ravelry. Think i need to queue that one!

  • Thank you for this, it is so much work for you but so much fun!

  • You’re so right about the knitting/basketball nexus. I’m genuinely sorry for VU’s unexpected early knockout… and guiltily since Elio is now not so March mad. Thanks for the fun picks to explore!

    • CRISTINAAAAAAAA how the heck are you? xoxoxoxo Thanks to you I always think “Vanillanova.”

  • Voting issues here… ;-(

    • Oh no Sara, let me know what your issue is. Feel free to email me at kay.gardiner at gmail dot com.

  • Great event. This is so much fun. Heading out tomorrow on a road trip to the Southwest, bought pattern and yarn for Fragmentation for the drive.

  • Everything went fine and submitted! I was soooo disappointed a couple of my fave shawls didn’t get through though. So sad to have just missed the voting window for round one.

  • This voting is highly addictive! Loving it!

  • Love seeing the photos, propositions and results. the cream rises to the top! such talent. xo

  • Can’t find “Nemeton” to vote for under shawls!!!

    • It looks like it didn’t make it to Round 2.

  • How do I vote? I scrolled through the box and I don’t see how I vote?

    • Same! I don’t see a link to the voting form like I did with Round 1.

  • I tried to vote yesterday evening but it wouldn’t go through. Better luck next time, I guess.

  • The voting button has been taken down. It’s no where near 3pm EDT yet. 🙁

    • I didn’t remember until this morning, but the cutoff was 3 a.m.

      • Thanks. I saw the cutoff time, but I guess my mind saw it as 3 PM 🙂

        • Oops, me too – thought it was 3 pm. Oh well….. 🙂

      • I tried to vote last night but the button didn’t work.

  • I cannot figure how to vote !!!!!!

  • Sorry Crete didn’t make it out of the first round. Nell Zirolli is a fantastic designer!

  • I’m having trouble too–it says “scroll through the box” to make selections, but…there is no box, like there was for round 1.

    • Sorry – couldn’t vote in round 2. Went to pick 4 in each category and tried to submit, but got the error message. Then I had to get to work. Oh well…